The SaaS Optimization Platform

The cloud shift is in full swing. It’s time for IT and Procurement to own and manage your cloud strategy with full transparency into what your business is spending, how much you’re using, and if employees find value in the products that have been provided.


Gain visibility into hidden employee expenditures, and manage complex contract renewals.


Understand the utilization of your SaaS subscriptions across the entire organization.


Capture sentiment and insights into how your employees are leveraging software.

Get a Complete View of SaaS Spending

Zylo discovers, normalizes, and categorizes SaaS applications, providing you with a rich set of tools to track, monitor, report, and manage across your entire SaaS stack. Replace outdated and inaccurate spreadsheets with an interactive and intuitive user experience that automatically updates from systems that you already run your business.

Fully Optimize SaaS Utilization

Take the guess work out of figuring out how applications are being used. Have utilization data as well as all of your contracts and vendor relationship details at your fingertips for making important buying and renewal decisions.

Create a Digital Workspace that Engages Employees

Your customers are your employees. Using Zylo’s embedded Net Promoter Score based surveys, understand what they can do without and what they will rave about, benchmarking this feedback along the way.

Connect Your Mission-Critical Apps

Zylo automates monitoring of critical SaaS information through integrations to your key business systems and SaaS partners.