Zylo’s Top 3 Takeaways From #Oktane16

Eric Christopher

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Last week, the Zylo team had the privilege of sponsoring Okta’s #Oktane16 event in Las Vegas, following our announcement that the Zylo platform now integrates with Okta’s to give companies new insight into subscription software use.

The Oktane conference brought together the world’s most innovative technical minds of 2000+ IT leaders, cloud ISVs, developers and thought leaders to explore the crucial role that identity plays in connecting people and technology. Okta is a company built on integrations and partners, and our team found great inspiration from a company that has done this well to become the market leader in identity. Throughout the week, the Zylo team enjoyed networking with incredible brands, learning from experts leading the way in today’s marketplace, and of course, the food, the music, and… some Top Golf. Needless to say, it was a great week!

golfing at oktane16

We’d like to pass along some of #Oktane16’s learnings to those that didn’t have the opportunity to attend, so our team captured 3 of the key takeaways of the conference. All those in SaaS, whether buyers of subscription-based software or sellers of SaaS products or a combination of both, should take note of these things:

1. Identity Is Everything

As one of the key themes of the conference, Okta believes if they can make it easy for identify access, they can create a safer world that will allow organizations to be secure but still be free to use the best solutions.

In one of our latest blogs, we shared this stat: According to the report entitled, The 2016 Global Cloud Data Security Study, “…Roughly half of all cloud services and corporate data stored in the cloud are not controlled by IT departments, two-thirds of sensitive data stored in the cloud is left unencrypted, and more than half of companies are not proactive in their compliance with privacy and security regulations for data in cloud environments.”

For Zylo, we hold this same “Identity is Everything” value in highest regards. We believe that the more the software applications being used across an organization are known and visible to the executive team, then that awareness helps all to make better, more informed decisions. This aligns incredibly well with Okta’s Identity management. The way this works? Zylo pulls Okta’s “Identity” output into our solution to provide companies with a full view of how much, and WHO is using subscription-based licensing throughout the organization.

As Okta continues to drive identity management, Zylo will help customers better understand how their software is being used and managed.

2. Cloud & Mobile Security Can’t Be Ignored


This was the topic of discussion in a recent panel at Oktane16 in Las Vegas, featuring an impressive lineup of security leaders from some of the industry’s most prestigious companies. According to an article in Info Security, panel host and Okta CSO David Baker asked how organizations should tackle the risks surrounding decentralization and BYOD within the workplace. Craig Rosen, AppDynamics, said that “There’s no silver bullet.” He went on to explain, “We know that data is moving into the application stack, we also know the user experience is now a lot better thanks to mobile apps. I think it can be done with constraints, but I’m not one to say that everybody should be allowed to do everything they want to do, there has to be some level of checks and balances.”

The article went on to explain that Dropbox’s Patrick Heim shared a similar view: “It’s about figuring out a way of not suppressing it — you have to put guard rails around it – but to try and make it safe, don’t squash it. Implement security technologies and policies that are rational and risk-based, and try to make it safe.”

In a recent blog entitled, “Why Your IT Team is Concerned About Data Stored in 3rd Party Cloud Environments”, we address this topic head on. For IT teams without complete insight into the applications its organization is using, Shadow IT can cause issues in the form of compromised data, redundant systems, underutilization, and over spending. Add on top of that the employee confusion when individuals aren’t sure of what system to use and what the protocols for each system entail. Executives rely on the power of systems like SSO and Cloud Access Brokerage companies that help with security, but what about visibility into other important aspects?

CIOs and IT departments need visibility and control into their entire SaaS tech stacks, not only to own the procurement and decision process for new applications and renewals, but most importantly to help guide individuals and departments during the purchase process. When IT departments gain complete visibility into the technologies each department, team, or individual is using, it helps everyone across the organization make more economical decisions, but most importantly double down on important security measures. But for CIOs and IT executives, it’s time to understand how SaaS is being leveraged across the organization, gaining a real-time understanding of spend, utilization, and feedback. Imagine how much more powerful those subscriptions could be and how much more secure the organization and its data would be if the power were fully unlocked for technology teams?

3. Go Anywhere — Just Go!


This was another Okta theme for the week: “Start with Okta. Go anywhere. Anything is possible in the Okta Identity Cloud.” Okta also used the messaging, “When employees are productive, partners are engaged and customers are delighted.”

The Zylo team couldn’t be more supportive of this theme and believe it applies to companies in all industries, no matter their size or scale. Companies are buying SaaS and subscription-based products faster than ever to help their companies build processes, reduce costs, and use data to make better and more informed decisions. But what happens when a company adds so many subscription-based products so fast that the executive and IT teams aren’t even aware of what’s being used or how much it’s costing?

The Zylo vision of “Go” fits perfectly with Okta’s. Our solution partners with SaaS buyers and sellers to enable companies and employees to see what they’re using, and confidently leverage software throughout their organization without the fear of overlapping software, Shadow IT, or unutilized software.

The Power of Zylo + Oktane

Zylo, the leading platform for companies to manage and optimize subscription-based software, recently launched its new integration with identity management leader Okta, giving companies real-time insights into their corporate investment in software subscriptions. Unveiled at Oktane16, the integration brings Okta-powered usage data from applications like Salesforce, Adobe, and Workday and more than 5,000 other cloud-based applications into Zylo to identify idle and underused software licenses and inform purchasing decisions and contract renewals.

Interested in learning more about the integration? Check out our recent press release or download our data sheet on the Okta integration.

More About Zylo

Zylo is the leading SaaS optimization platform that transforms how companies manage and optimize the vast and accelerating number of cloud-based applications organizations rely on today. The platform provides an online command center for all cloud-based software used across a company, giving an organization visibility into what software is used, how much is spent, and how to optimize their cloud software investments.

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The Power of Zylo + Okta

Learn more about our integration.

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