Culture Amp Empowers Employee Software Decisions with Zylo + Okta

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“The two applications [Zylo & Okta] are a complete solution for managing SaaS applications. Zylo allows you to discover the applications and track utilization. Okta allows you to deploy those applications and secure those applications to your user base.”

Ryan Ansley, Director of Technology, Culture Amp


Culture Amp, the world’s leading platform for evaluating employee engagement, makes it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback, enabling organizations to turn company culture into a competitive edge. Employees at Culture Amp are encouraged to take initiative when sourcing SaaS applications to deploy to their employees, partners, and clients. The decentralized management and sourcing of SaaS caused an exponential growth of active applications with little centralized visibility into the overall SaaS landscape.


By implementing Zylo, Culture Amp gained visibility into the vast SaaS ecosystem and the rates of usage among its various applications. In combination with Okta, Culture Amp created a proactive approach to procuring and provisioning the best applications for the business.


Ryan Ansley attended Okta’s annual Oktane conference in 2016 where he first discovered Zylo. He immediately saw the value of understanding and managing the SaaS landscape. This included the following:

Discovering applications and measuring utilization:

Ansley is a firm believer in “the value of discovering applications and finding things that are out there and making sure that you’re spending your money effectively and getting the most return on it with utilization.”  By implementing Zylo, Culture Amp now discovers and tracks utilization of all applications in their SaaS ecosystem.

Driving business ownership and collaboration:

Culture Amp prides itself on letting its staff make decisions about new applications. Having Zylo and Okta “empowers people to make those kinds of decisions in a way that still allows [Culture Amp] to maintain commitments to [their] customers and the security of the platform and product.”

Creating Proactive Processes:

With Zylo, Culture Amp anticipated the utility and popularity of applications employees were using. As a result, the procurement and partnership process became proactive rather than reactive. Solutions are secured and leveraged company-wide through Okta, rather than resting with individual offices and teams. 

Planning for the future:

Culture Amp works with over 1,500 organizations, and has offices in Australia, the U.S., and the U.K. The company plans to continue expanding the scope of its platform and extending its services to new users. “Being able to respond to company growth in a way that maintains our current values and structure and the things we’ve already put into place is really important to us,“ says Ansley. With Zylo and Okta, Ansley and his team are able to guarantee that they are working with an agile, scalable system that smoothly integrates applications while accommodating abrupt changes.

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