IT and Procurement Partner to Optimize Cloud Investments at Relativity

“At Relativity, we take pride in our culture that embraces technology and innovation in a collaborative way and allows it to happen in the right place at the right time. In the age of technology consumerization, it is more important than ever to embrace new tools that streamline processes, provide actionable saving options, and stimulate innovation within a complex organization.”

Andrew Watts, VP of IT, Relativity


Relativity has been experiencing a rapid explosion of SaaS and cloud spend throughout the organization and, as a result of this fast growth, requires comprehensive visibility around employees’ everyday use of their application environment.


Relativity replaced the various internal spreadsheets used to track all of the applications each department is using, and Zylo is now the centralized system of record for managing all current and future cloud application spend, contracts and utilization.


Spend Visibility:

100% visibility into the cloud applications purchased inside their organization.

Utilization Transparency:

Zylo is the system of record to research utilization detail about their software usage.

Category Streamlining:

Zylo pre-identified 15 subcategories of applications across 92 providers where Relativity might have overlapping functionality.

Multi-Channel Purchasing:

Quick identification of potential savings—i.e. locating where the business is buying via multiple purchasing channels

Administrative Burden:

Identified top suppliers for administrative burden, with insights around how IT and Procurement could drive administrative efficiencies.

Salesforce Utilization:

Using the Salesforce integration into Zylo, the team has an easy-to-use, real-time dashboard to optimize license provisioning and renewal strategy.

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