IT and Procurement Partner to Optimize Cloud Investments at Relativity

kCura is Driving Innovation in a Responsible Way

kCura develops e-discovery software, Relativity, for managing large volumes of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations. kCura helps corporations, law rms, and government agencies meet e-discovery challenges.

Andrew Watts, VP of IT and Ryan Habich, Senior Procurement Specialist teamed together to implement Zylo, a Cloud Intelligence Platform, that allows them to talk to the business about their cloud investments like a strategic business function.

Cloud Optimization Challenges

kCura has been experiencing a rapid explosion of SaaS and cloud spend throughout the organization and, as a result of this fast growth, requires comprehensive visibility around employees’ everyday use of their application environment. This precedent has provided several opportunities for both the IT and Procurement Teams to:

  • Get a better understanding of how many applications were being used across the organization, and by whom
  • Create an organization-wide dashboard to report on and manage key application spend and utilization
  • Improve the ability to proactively manage and negotiate renewals and license terms effectively
  • Improve the process of tracking user provisioning for applications not behind the SSO in place, Okta
  • Acquire a better sense of unknown redundant applications or overlapping functionality in applications

The kCura IT and Procurement teams have been looking for a healthy balance between monitoring applications in a corporate environment and offering employees with a space for innovation. kCura’s IT organization would like to have a solution that provides both best in breed and cost effective technology that will help them to evaluate all assets in the environment and continue delivering relentless customer service to its internal clients.