The Evolving Role of IT: Zylo’s Impact

Ryan Johnson, Director of IT at Infusionsoft, has two major goals:

  1. Secure the enterprise.
  2. Equip employees with the tools necessary to drive enterprise-wide efficiencies and value.

In 2017, with his overall digital strategy in mind, Ryan began tackling a growing security risk: the rampant purchase of unidentified and undocumented cloud-based software.

If Ryan could discover all applications purchased within the enterprise, he knew he could secure the enterprise and empower Infusionsoft lines of business (LOBs) to better manage their technology investments.

Armed with an outdated inventory spreadsheet and many months of expense data, Ryan began capturing the spend and type of each application bought throughout the enterprise. One week of living in Excel later, Ryan identified 200 applications, over 50 more than were originally documented.

After hours of grunt work, Ryan determined a solution must exist that was far less time and labor-intensive than his manual process: Zylo was the answer. 

Over the past year, Zylo’s Director of Customer Success, Thom McCorkle, helped this passionate IT leader to reach his goals, including the discovery of 100 new applications. From developing governance standards to building rapport with LOBs, Ryan is not only redefining the role of the modern IT leader, he is redefining how enterprises manage their software investments.

We are excited to share his experiences and insights with you in our 30-minute webinar titled: “Identity + Optimization: Complete Visibility into SaaS Spend and Utilization.”