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Prepare your Tech Stack for Massive Growth


To grow in the right directions, enterprises must capture and consider the entire SaaS stack.

Enterprises face deeper scrutiny into tech purchases than ever before. However, as LOBs continue purchasing shadow IT, manually building a SaaS system of record is impossible.  


Prepare for growth and the resulting heightened scrutiny with Zylo-enabled visibility and support.

Before going public, merging, or acquiring, get your technology house in order. With Zylo, discover all SaaS applications, cloud spend, and tech stakeholders.  

With Zylo, Prepare your Enterprise for Growth with:

Customer Spotlight
"We need tools like Zylo to manage our software costs and utilization as we continue to grow."
Gordon Atkin, VP of Enterprise Systems

How Zylo Builds Your SaaS System of Record:


Through a direct integration with your financial solution, Zylo’s matching model discovers and categorizes all applications. Over 7,500 unique applications have been discovered and categorized to-date.  


Through a direct integration with your financial solution, applications and buyers are paired. Within Zylo, launch emails or Slack messages to enhance SaaS management and optimization at the source: the buyers.


Through direct integrations with your Single Sign-On solution and enterprise-level applications, Zylo uncovers the actual utilization metrics of each application. Deprovision inactive licenses with the click of a button.


Send contracts to your Enterprise Services team to complete your single system-of-record with a renewal calendar. Set up alerts to never miss a renewal.