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Choose the Best Products at the Best Price with Zylo Benchmarks

Zylo Benchmarks Demo

Did you know the average company overspends 15% on software licenses?

To help you save money and improve efficiency, Zylo’s Portfolio, Popular Application, and Price Benchmarks give you on-demand data to support your SaaS strategy, renewals, and decision-making.

Rather than just offering high-level metrics, Zylo lets you drill down and compare your application mix, spend, and sprawl with companies like yours.

Book your demo today and see how you can:

  1. See how your stack compares to your peers’ with Portfolio Benchmarks
  2. Pick the best application for the job with Popular Application Benchmarks
  3. Get the most for your money with Price Benchmarks

Zylo Benchmarks at a Glance

What Tech Leaders are Saying About Benchmarks

Zylo Portfolio Benchmarks

See How Your Stack Compares

How many apps should I have? Am I overpaying? With Portfolio Benchmarks, see how your SaaS application mix, spend, and sprawl compare to similar organizations.

Zylo Popular Application Benchmarks

Pick the Best App for the Job

Ensure you have the best tools to get the job done well. See the popularity of your applications compared to others, and drill into top app recommendations by category, subcategory, or functionality.

Zylo Price Benchmarks

Get the Most for Your Money

Buy and renew SaaS with confidence. Third party pricing validation allows you to focus on the apps that will drive ROI and save time negotiating every app, every time.

Trusted by It, Finance, and Procurement Leaders at the World’s Largest Enterprises to High-Growth Scale-ups