Best Practices to Balance Risk and Innovation in the Age of SaaS

We launched Zylo to solve the immediate challenges (e.g. visibility, spend, utilization, security, etc) that many progressive companies were experiencing due to Cloud software’s rise. As SaaS companies adopt open-source software frameworks and SaaS providers innovate rapidly, we project that the SaaS explosion will only continue.

At Zylo, we believe SaaS will overtake traditional installed software. For example, one of Zylo’s largest large-enterprise customers (40K employees) recently analyzed their cloud vs. on-prem footprint. Our customer found that for the first time in company history, Cloud overtook traditional software.

Regardless of the size of the company in which you work, now is the time to build a strategy to manage the risk of SaaS while driving innovation. Now is the time to enact the same level of rigor and controls around SaaS that have traditionally been placed around all other large categories of investment in the company. Now is the time to professionally manage SaaS.

At the ProcureCon Indirect West conference, Zylo was fortunate enough to host a panel discussion with IT and Procurement leaders: Carla Di Castro (IT Procurement, Workday), Josh Pickles (IT Procurement, Salesforce) and Aleta Jeffress (CIO, City of Aurora).

We have collated our three ProcureCon leaders’ insights into six best practices to manage the risk of SaaS while respecting innovation. Download the “Best Practices to Balance Risk and Innovation in the Age of SaaS” to learn how to professionally manage your SaaS investment.

As you read how these leaders prioritize SaaS and build SaaS management strategies across their businesses, reflect on your experience in managing your company’s SaaS investment. Tweet your thoughts and insights @getzylo. We welcome all opinions.

Thank you.

Cory Wheeler
VP and Co-Founder,
Customer Success and Services,