SolutionsManage SaaS Renewals Proactively

Manage SaaS Renewals Proactively


An average of 10 new SaaS applications are added to the average portfolio each month.

The likelihood of surprise automatic renewals has increased by 70% year over year, with the average company now undergoing 3 SaaS renewals per business day.


Proactively Manage SaaS Renewals

Operationalize the management of SaaS subscriptions through automated notifications, collaboration and data driven insights. No more missed SaaS app renewals, an accurate record of managed SaaS apps, informed SaaS app selection based on existing capabilities and proactive, data-driven strategy for managing SaaS app renewals.

Customer Spotlight
“Zylo delivers a bottoms-up type of discovery. By following the dollars, every application bought is discovered. Because buyer information is delivered with each application, optimization can begin at the source: the buyer.”
Ryan Johnson, Director of IT
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