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Building the Zylo Customer Success Foundation


Zylo is a cloud intelligence platform that companies utilize to discover, manage and optimize their cloud licensing and cloud spend. This is an incredibly complex undertaking and one that requires a strong and unique support structure to pull off. That’s where Zylo Customer Success comes into the equation.

In working through my Zylo 2017 Customer Success and Services plan, my thoughts immediately turn to the massive work that has already been completed at Zylo. You see, if we didn’t spend the last year building our platform in the way that we did, we wouldn’t be set up for go-forward success. At the heart of that, is all of our customers.

Prove the Idea Works Before Building the Platform

To create version 1.0 of the Zylo platform, we developed a large consultative project approach with our first beta customers. This consisted of manually capturing their organizational spend and utilization data and iterating versions of value back to them until the results became actionable and valuable. When our customers asked, “how can I take my cloud spend data and use it in our renewals?”, we built our Zylo Renewal Manager. When customers requested detailed app-level information to be stored in Zylo, we blew out our Application Detail page designs. By collaboratively working with customers before building our product, we were able to build a product that is purpose-built FOR our customers. How exciting, and novel.

Ensure Customers are Set Up to Succeed

With an unbelievable cloud intelligence platform and company foundation in place, how then do we scale Customer Success at Zylo in 2017? Here are the core tenets that will guide how we make all of our customers successful:

  • We are Customer Centric in everything we do. This might be an oft-used term in tech, but there’s a reason for it. We are building a product and providing services value that our customers NEED, not WANT. We put our customer needs at the forefront of everything we do.
  • We are incredibly proactive. We discover issues and unearth insights before the customer has a chance to. We want to be an effective extension of their business, and to bring thought leadership that helps them drive real-time business decisions at the point of the decision, not after.
  • We are aggressively thorough. We’re building a platform that allows companies to drive strategic thinking and decision making. In order to do that, Zylo must provide a comprehensive view of cloud spend, utilization and sentiment. Our data must be real-time, and 100% accurate.
  • We are overly attentive. Zylo is built on our customer needs. If we aren’t listening to our customers every time they speak, then we are missing the next big idea that will allow them to push their cloud strategy forward, and our platform to the next level.
  • We only succeed through collaboration. Zylo is defining a new category of B2B technology. In order to do that, our Success organization must intensely collaborate not only externally with our customers, but also directly with our own internal Product, Sales and Marketing organizations. Teamwork makes the dream work. Really.

Cloud Intelligence will Drive Company Strategy in the Future

If we continue to support our customers with the 5 above items in mind, we will delight them at every turn. We are laying the foundation for Zylo to be a critical component of our customers’ company strategy and become the new standard by which all companies discover, manage and optimize their cloud-stack.