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What you need to know about SaaS Optimization


SaaS changed the way technology is purchased

Everyone knows that SaaS is here to stay and the transformative enterprises are leading the charge in moving to the cloud or creating cloud-first environments to deliver the best customer and employee experiences and most profitable businesses. Here are a few of our observations:

  • SaaS is exploding and there is no sign of it slowing down. Nobody is foreshadowing a resurgence of more on-prem technology coming back!
  • SaaS makes it easy to purchase software (almost too easy). Anyone in your organization with buying authority can purchase a SaaS solution. Most organizations don’t have a SaaS management solution to keep track of everything.
  • IT isn’t the only department purchasing technology anymore. This results in lack of visibility of a large line item in the budget – who really knows every piece of technology in use? And who is in charge of SaaS license management?
  • Procurement isn’t always involved in technology purchasing anymore either. Who is keeping track of overlapping subscriptions? Negotiating contracts proactively? Monitoring if the technology is even being used to solve the initial problem identified?

The benefits of SaaS are countless, but without a SaaS optimization solution (spreadsheets don’t count as a viable solution!), it’s very easy to lose track of what technology is owned, if every app is being utilized and if the organization is getting the intended ROI from it.

Zylo is changing the way technology is managed

Zylo customers are some of the most innovative organizations that are moving to the cloud, becoming cloud-first or are already cloud-only and drive cost savings and business value with Zylo’s SaaS Optimization Platform. Zylo is the platform of choice because:

  • Our platform has utility for the entire business. It’s no longer okay to have an IT only tool for SaaS software asset management. IT, Finance, Marketing, HR, Product and Sales need one SaaS system of record to manage all of the SaaS in the enterprise.
  • Starting with the money to find SaaS apps is hard to do manually. Getting a master list of all SaaS apps throughout the organization is hard; keeping it up to date is even harder. Zylo uncovers new apps in real-time and associates spend, function and category to each app with a machine learning model.
  • Connecting utilization data with spend data is the best way to determine an app’s true value. Knowing what SaaS apps exist in the enterprise isn’t enough. The utilization of each app will paint a more accurate picture of whether or not employees are adopting each app and find value in the solution.
  • Creating a SaaS license management system for the most strategic vendors ensures the enterprise gets the most value out of each app. Every SaaS app is purchased to help someone in the enterprise do his/her job better. Employees generally have the best of intentions, but apps go unused or unmanaged, and the cost of unused licenses can grow quickly.

Think of Zylo as a Software Asset Management Tool for SaaS

With SaaS apps, license compliance is not the focus. Managing SaaS app spend, utilization and the overall SaaS stack is how the enterprise can deliver cost savingsr and business value.

Ultimately, SaaS apps enable the enterprise to move faster and more efficiently. IT and Procurement have the opportunity to lead the enterprise SaaS strategy by using Zylo’s SaaS Optimization Platform as a single SaaS system of record.