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Introducing Zylo Insights: From Insights to Action in an Instant


Today we’re excited to unveil our latest product innovation – Zylo Insights.

Zylo Insights surfaces personalized, prioritized, and actionable recommendations to drive rightsizing and savings initiatives. In a single view, you can see all of your suggested optimization recommendations, prioritized by greatest return, and take action on these insights right from the Insights dashboard.

This new feature is an exciting evolution of the License Optimization Insights and the License Optimization Workflows that we released earlier this year. Other solutions make you sift through mountains of data to understand what’s important. Zylo Insights makes it easier than ever to demystify your SaaS license and subscription data and easily take action to optimize your SaaS portfolio.

Within the Insights tab, you’ll find two types of recommendations: Usage Insights and Portfolio Insights.

  • Usage Insights allow you to take immediate action on high-impact opportunities for license optimization. Zylo does the license usage analysis for you, delivering customized recommendations based on application-specific and deep-feature usage data. You can instantly trigger workflows to downgrade or deprovision underutilized licenses right from the Insights dashboard.
  • Portfolio Insights help you realize more value from your SaaS investments more quickly. Instantly understand the current state of your SaaS stack with alerts of newly discovered subscriptions and recently expired contracts and duplicate subscriptions and other inefficient purchasing issues.

With Insights, we’re helping you take the highest-impact actions to optimize your SaaS investments faster than ever. Let Insights help you understand your SaaS data and translate those insights into clear recommendations and make it easy to take action – all from one screen.

See how Zylo Insights can help you realize more value more quickly and schedule a demo today.



Thom McCorkle

As Zylo's Director of Product Marketing, Thom is responsible for leading Zylo's product marketing strategy and execution with a passion for aligning customer needs and Zylo's value into everything we build and launch. He brings 7+ years of experience working with Zylo's customers and prospects with various roles from leading Customer Success to enablement and sales/solution strategy.