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man on computer using Zylo SaaS Management product

Uncontrolled SaaS Is Holding You Back

The smartest business leaders support their organizations with data-driven decisions. You need a SaaS management platform that gives you full visibility and insights to save money and drive responsible business growth.

Your Chance to Unlock Greater Savings, Efficiency & Security

Secure your seat at the table and lead the way to cost savings and efficiency today – and a healthy business for the long haul. A SaaS management platform makes it all possible. Which one is right for you? Use this resource center to learn how to choose the best SaaS management platform for your business and build a business case.

Regain Visibility and Control of Your SaaS Spend

Decentralized purchasing makes it nearly impossible for CFOs and their teams to understand and manage their SaaS spend. A SaaS management platform helps you take back that control.

Control Your Renewals & Manage Software Licenses at Scale

Renewals can be utter chaos. Not to mention you are most likely facing one per day. You need a tool that helps you to make informed purchasing and renewal decisions easily and confidently.

Optimize Your SaaS Investments

Efficiency. Adoption. Compliance. All hard to come by without a way to constantly monitor your SaaS environment. See how a tool powers optimization, enables employees, and mitigates risk.

Manage, Optimize, and Reduce Your SaaS Expenses

SaaS software is a whole different beast to tame. Unlike on-premise, your portfolio is rife with redundancy, unused licenses, and hidden spend. Learn why an asset management tool for SaaS is just what you need to maximize your investments.

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Zylo Named a Leader in G2’s SaaS Spend Management & SaaS Management Operations Grids

Everything You Need to Know about Managing SaaS

SaaS management is critical to a healthy business. Understand what it looks like in practice and what tools are available to make it fruitful for your organization.

2022 Gartner Market Guide Preview
2022 Gartner Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms

Gartner predicts that demand and budget for SaaS management will increase as organizations realize the magnitude of unmanaged SaaS cost, sprawl, and risk while adoption growth remains uncontrolled.


Make an Effective Business Case

SaaS management helps you unlock the full value of your SaaS investments. But, what will get your CFO to say “yes”? Our CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Christopher, explains how you can make a business case and get leadership buy-in.

5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a SMP

5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a SaaS Management Platform

As with any SaaS solution your company buys, you need to make sure you’re selecting the right SaaS management platform (SMP). Learn what you should be looking for and expect a SaaS management platform to provide.

Oh Sh*t Moments that Validated the Need for SaaS Management

There’s nothing like that moment where you realize SaaS management could have saved your SaaS. Hear from IT and finance leaders on their ‘oh sh*t’ moments and why they’re grateful to have a SaaS management practice.

Why Your SaaS Management Tools are Failing You

Old-school methods of managing SaaS are doomed to fail. They’re either manual or rely on the wrong tools. Learn why it’s time to level-up your approach.

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Choosing the Best SaaS Management Platform Starts Here

It’s time to go back to business fundamentals. SaaS management is paramount to helping you grow smart, accomplish more, and drive value across the business. Your journey starts here. Book your demo today and see how you can:

  • Save up to 20% on SaaS with zero risk
  • Get visibility into all of your SaaS
  • Save money on subscriptions and licenses
  • Operationalize your renewals
  • Negotiate better contracts with benchmark data

In less than a half hour, you’ll get a clear picture of how Zylo can help simplify your SaaS.