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SaaS Governance and Risk Mitigation

Fend off Security and Compliance Disasters

Deliver a Better Employee Experience.

security detail cloud confidence score, powered by Netskope

Eliminate Security Blindspots

Is your company and customer data safe? Everyone is a buyer of SaaS. And that opens your organization to massive fines, surging costs, security and compliance violations, and inefficient business operations. Know every application in your business and review security accreditation, certifications and risk scores with Security Detail powered by Netskope.

Spot Shadow IT from the Start

One in six employees is expensing SaaS tools. Ensure that every SaaS purchase – even those made by business units and employees – are known, vetted, and secured as part of your corporate software strategy.

App Catalog

Reduce Rogue Software Purchases

Provide employees with a one-stop shop to easily find approved software that meets their needs to reduce new Shadow IT and encourage greater compliance.

Create a Culture of Good SaaS Stewards

Is cutting costs a business initiative? Give every department insight and accountability into their SaaS spend and stack, enabling them to make better decisions for their team and the business.

SaaS Governance Resources