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SaaS Visibility and Inventory Management

Your Single Source of SaaS Truth

Continuous, Comprehensive AI-Powered Discovery

How many SaaS apps do you think your business has? Every single company underestimates their SaaS stack by 10-50% and it’s only growing. Know what’s in your portfolio with AI-powered matching models that uncover and categorize your SaaS applications and detect new applications being added.

All Your SaaS Data, All in One Place

Stop spending time in admin panels, updating spreadsheets and hunting down contracts. All of your important SaaS data — from billing terms and entitlements to spend and payments — is automatically, efficiently captured and displayed in a single, centralized platform.

Make Your SaaS Make Sense

Do we need to renew that application? Is that new app compliant? How much does it cost? And who is buying it? Get a clear, categorized view of your SaaS stack with easy-to-understand dashboards, views and reports. Better understand your SaaS data so you can make better business decisions.

SaaS Visibility Fuels Business Impact

No matter your role, visibility into your SaaS portfolio and key metrics is critical to business success.