Discover, Manage, Measure, and Secure 
Cloud-Based Software with Zylo

SaaS changed how enterprises buy software. Zylo revolutionized how enterprises manage software. Through Zylo, innovative technology leaders of cloud-forward enterprises can:

Discover All Applications

Eliminate Shadow IT

Manage SaaS Licenses

Optimize Contracts

Build Renewal Calendar

Enter Negotiations Informed

Drive IT Collaboration

Identify SaaS Buyers

Secure SaaS Applications

Enforce SaaS Governance

Contain Costs

Drive Value Enterprise-Wide

Drive Disruptive Innovation

Optimize the Tech Stack

Prepare for Growth

Prepare to Go Public

Solutions-Driven Support

Every Zylo customer gets an account team of consultants who will work hand-in-hand with you on a monthly basis to ensure success and drive ROI.

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