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Product Overview

SaaS is Your Second Biggest Operating Expense

Find It. Reduce it. Manage it.

Comprehensive Discovery

Uncover All Your SaaS

Get visibility into all your SaaS applications – even those not managed by IT. See all your SaaS apps alongside usage, spend, and contract details with frictionless, ongoing monitoring from Zylo.


Increase the Value of Your Investments

Zylo offers more and deeper software integrations to power better insights and make it easy to take action.

discovery insights


Go from Insights to Action in an Instant

Using contract details and usage data, Zylo Insights delivers personalized, prioritized, and actionable recommendations to optimize your SaaS portfolio.

zylo benchmarks


Know you have the right software at the right price

To help you save money and improve efficiency, Zylo’s Portfolio, Popular Application, and Price Benchmarks give you on-demand data to support your SaaS strategy, renewals, and decision-making.

See for Yourself

Schedule a personal consultation and extended demo to see how Zylo can help you discover, optimize, and govern your SaaS stack with ease.

Trusted by It, Finance, and Procurement Leaders at the World’s Largest Enterprises to High-Growth Scale-ups

The SaaS Management Lifecycle

  • Discover

    Uncover and monitor all SaaS applications in your organization – whether IT-managed, shadow IT, or somewhere in between. Keep a pulse on all SaaS entering and exiting your environment with ongoing, frictionless monitoring.

  • Optimize

    Identify ways to control SaaS spend and increase purchasing efficiencies, backed by benchmarks. Get your users the software they need while preventing SaaS sprawl.

  • Plan

    Develop industry-proven SaaS Management policies, proactively manage renewals with reliable data, and forecast spend with data-driven benchmarks and insights. Standardize on the right software so users are more effective.

  • Govern

    Ensure compliance with IT purchasing and SaaS Management processes. Create a branded, self-service catalog of SaaS  for users to easily find and access approved SaaS and reduce shadow IT.

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