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Reduce Your SaaS Spend. You Can't Afford Not To.

If you’re being tasked with reducing software costs, you’ve come to the right place. This resource center is home for everything you need to optimize your SaaS costs.

SaaS Management Drives Cost Optimization


Saved in just a few months with streamlined negotiations

How Talkdesk Did It


Cost reduction by rationalizing and consolidating licenses

How Genesys Did It


Per user cost savings by reducing number of apps while growing 4x

How Coupa Did It

Future Proof Your Organization with SaaS Cost Optimization

Uncertain times arrive when you least expect it. Secure your organization’s future by implementing a SaaS management program that helps you optimize SaaS costs.

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Optimize SaaS Costs

negotiate SaaS savings at renewal

Negotiate Savings

Power SaaS Savings

Take a deeper dive into SaaS cost optimization and management with these additional resources.

3Rs Ebook
Optimize Your SaaS Investments

When SaaS grows unmanaged, it creates unnecessary costs and risk for your entire organization. Take control with the 3 Rs of SaaS management — rationalizing, rightsizing and renewing.


managing saas costs
Maximize Savings and Value

SaaS spend is the second highest line item in your budget next to headcount. It’s time you prioritize managing your SaaS costs. Begin with this guide.


SaaS Cost Optimization Success Stories

REA Group Takes Control of SaaS Growth and Risk

How REA Group gained full visibility into their growing SaaS portfolio to unlock cost savings and mitigate risk.

  • Key Outcomes
    • Identified more than $100K/yr in savings ($300k total to date)
    • Uncovered more than $550,000 in additional cost savings across top spend applications
    • Discovered 150 previously unknown expensed applications
How Talkdesk Streamlines SaaS Negotiations for Better Outcomes with Zylo

Discover how Talkdesk’s IT and procurement teams leverage Zylo to improve SaaS negotiations and cross-functional collaboration, while saving time and money.

  • Key Outcomes
    • $350,000 in annual savings in just a few months
    • 24 negotiations & 5 benchmarks, with 16 additional negotiations in progress in just 6 months
    • Nearly immediate ROI, with the service paying for itself in three weeks
    • Realized same output as a full-time employee
    • Better collaboration between IT, procurement, and business units
How Coupa Leverages SaaS Management to Fuel Rapid Growth

Learn how Coupa’s IT team drives spend optimization, governance, and employee effectiveness with the help of SaaS Management.

  • Key Outcomes
    • Lowered cost per user 9-30%
    • Reduced the number of SaaS applications from 600 to 400
    • Ensured governance with complete visibility of all SaaS
    • Fueled collaboration among IT, Procurement, business units and employees
    • Delivered best-in-class SaaS
How Showpad’s Procurement Team Re-Imagined SaaS Management with Zylo

Learn how Showpad ditched its spreadsheet-based approach in favor of smarter, simpler, and more effective SaaS Management with Zylo.

  • Key Outcomes
    • Identified opportunities to save €500,000 in SaaS spend through rightsizing and proactive renewal management
    • Within a week, avoided an unnecessary renewal of an unused application.
    • Leveraging usage data, negotiated a lower cost contract for one of its SaaS tools
Genesys Leverages SaaS Management to Further Digital Transformation

See how the leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions reinforces software asset management and enterprise architecture with Zylo.

  • Key Outcomes
    • By rationalizing and standardizing applications, Genesys saved money and consolidated licenses for more than 10 SaaS applications in the first six months.
    • Opportunity to reduce license costs for widely deployed SaaS applications by 12% or more.

Real-Life Insights

Listen to the SaaSMe Unfiltered podcast to learn how IT, procurement, and software asset management pros are tackling SaaS spend at their organization.

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