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The Practical Guide to Rationalizing, Rightsizing and Renewing SaaS

Optimizing your investments in SaaS with the 3R’s of SaaS Management

The right SaaS tools improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your employees. But when SaaS grows unmanaged (as it often does), it creates unnecessary costs and risk for your entire organization.

The 3 R’s of SaaS management — rationalizing, rightsizing and renewing — are proven to reduce the costs and risk of SaaS growth. And the checklists within this guide can help you put these strategies into practice at your organization right away.

Download our actionable guide now and start:

  • Rationalizing your SaaS purchases along with your goals to uncover savings opportunities
  • Rightsizing licenses to ensure every license you pay for is actually being used
  • Renewing SaaS subscriptions only when usage data tells you it makes sense to do so
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