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Take Charge of SaaS Renewals and Save Money

SaaS renewals are chaotic. It’s impossible to manage them all. Auto-renewals happen left and right. And you’re likely overpaying by 15%. This resource center is home to everything you need to get ahead of renewals, negotiate with confidence, and save money.

SaaS Renewal Management Drives Savings & Efficiency


Saved in just a few months with streamlined negotiations

How Talkdesk Did It

Hours saved per week partnering with Zylo’s SaaS Negotiator

How Versapay Did It


SaaS spend through rightsizing and proactive renewal management

How Showpad Did It


Savings over 3 years by removing unnecessary applications

How Momentive Did It

Drive Savings & Efficiency by Operationalizing SaaS Renewal Management

 SaaS renewals happen all the time – at least one per business day on average. Reduce OpEx and increase operational efficiency by proactively managing your renewals.

application renewal

Negotiate Favorable Terms

Renewals are an opportunity to negotiate better terms and pricing for your SaaS applications. And, often, it helps to have a partner.

Zylo Price Benchmarks

Get the Best Deal

Are you getting a fair price? SaaS benchmarking allows you to get the best products at the best price – and gain negotiation leverage at renewals. 

Guaranteed SaaS Savings

Our customers see an average 6X ROI with Zylo’s SaaS Negotiator service. We get you the best deal, because we have the best data. With more than $25B in SaaS spend data, our team of expert negotiators leverage Zylo’s industry-leading Benchmarks to ensure you get the best price every single time.

SaaS Renewal Management Success Stories

How Talkdesk Streamlines SaaS Negotiations for Better Outcomes with Zylo

Discover how Talkdesk’s IT and procurement teams leverage Zylo to improve SaaS negotiations and cross-functional collaboration, while saving time and money.

  • Key Outcomes
    • $350,000 in annual savings in just a few months
    • 24 negotiations & 5 benchmarks, with 16 additional negotiations in progress in just 6 months
    • Nearly immediate ROI, with the service paying for itself in three weeks
    • Realized same output as a full-time employee
    • Better collaboration between IT, procurement, and business units
How Showpad’s Procurement Team Re-Imagined SaaS Management with Zylo

Learn how Showpad ditched its spreadsheet-based approach in favor of smarter, simpler, and more effective SaaS Management with Zylo.

  • Key Outcomes
    • Identified opportunities to save €500,000 in SaaS spend through rightsizing and proactive renewal management
    • Within a week, avoided an unnecessary renewal of an unused application.
    • Leveraging usage data, negotiated a lower cost contract for one of its SaaS tools
How Versapay Leverages Zylo’s Platform and Managed Services to Take Control of SaaS

Learn how Versapay’s IT team taps into the Zylo platform and a dedicated SaaS management resource to optimize its SaaS portfolio and drive cost and time savings.

  • Key Outcomes
    • Saved 4% of their total SaaS spend in the first 3 months, and 16% in the first year working with Zylo
    • Revealed 30% overspend in budget
    • Saved 10 hours per week, allowing more focus on strategic work
    • 75 contracts negotiated by Zylo in year one
    • Reduced number of applications by 10% while experiencing rapid growth
Versapay Office

Real-Life Insights

Listen to these episodes of the SaaSMe Unfiltered podcast to learn how other organizations are taking charge of their SaaS renewals.

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