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SaaS License Management

Measure Usage, Maximize Efficiency and Drive Adoption

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24/7 Centralized View of SaaS Usage

How well are your apps being used? 51% of licenses sit unused or underutilized.  Stop wasting time in individual admin panels and get a full view of SaaS usage across your entire business in a single system of record.

Rightsize and Reclaim Licenses

Can you easily identify and act on underutilized licenses to maximize your SaaS investments? Rightsize and reharvest your SaaS licenses to reduce shelfware in minutes, not months.

App Compare - Redundant Applications

Consolidate Your SaaS Stack

Is the project management tool Marketing is using that different from the one Product is using? Identify overlapping SaaS apps and areas of redundancy. Easily make app-to-app comparisons to determine which software is best for your business and sunset what’s no longer needed.

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License Management Resources