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Customer Story

Genesys Leverages SaaS Management to Further Digital Transformation

  • industry: Software
  • founded: 1990
  • headquarters: Daly City, Calif.
  • employees: 7,500+
  • Key Outcomes
    • By rationalizing and standardizing applications, Genesys saved money and consolidated licenses for more than 10 SaaS applications in the first six months.
    • Opportunity to reduce license costs for widely deployed SaaS applications by 12% or more.
Challenge 1

Visibility into SaaS Applications at a Global Scale

In the last 10 years, Genesys has steadily grown, due in part to multiple acquisitions. The company operates in more than 100 countries and has more than 5,000 employees.

When CIO Pranab Sinha joined in 2019, he identified that centralizing IT could create more efficient costs. The company’s phenomenal growth created the challenge of application inventory oversight across a diverse collection of business units and teams.

“There is a lot of interest to streamline services and make the economic model more centralized,” Sinha says. “But, to also make sure you’re not slowing down the speed of innovation.”

Job number one was gaining visibility.

“You need visibility into the application ecosystem,” he says. “Zylo gives us that visibility so we have a much more controlled environment.”

Challenge 2

Optimizing Applications for Cost Savings

With all applications identified, Genesys measured utilization and gained a complete picture of what works for users and where to reduce costs.

With direct insights into the utilization of features and permissions, Genesys identified potential savings from its CRM by reharvesting licenses that were underutilized, as well as eliminating extraneous test and admin accounts. By optimizing its CRM licenses, Genesys reduced license costs and created savings.

“These are hidden problems that I think every company has,” Sinha says. “Zylo is exposing the things that people need to know about.”

Challenge 3

Rationalizing SaaS for Enterprise Architecture

Genesys can now work with teams and business units to tailor unique application profiles that work within Genesys’ broader enterprise architecture.

Sinha says defining the processes that work at every level of the organization allows his team to identify the tools that best achieve the desired result. This process-focused architecture is the result of hands-on collaboration with the teams employing the processes.

With Zylo, Sinha and stakeholders can verify if tools work for the organization and engage with business units to find more effective solutions.

“Closing the loop helps build trust so IT and the business can come together,” Sinha says.

“Rather than dictating a set of applications, it’s become a very open, transparent conversation. You need a strong SaaS Management platform, which provides a good view of what your enterprise and the economics look like.”

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