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Office workspace with computer displaying Zylo's Savings Center

Zylo Savings Center

Your AI-Powered Roadmap for SaaS Management Savings

Prioritize Actions and Quantify ROI

Software is your business’s second largest operating expense and opportunities to save are abundant. However, with hundreds of decentralized SaaS applications, it’s hard to know where to start, what to prioritize, or how to measure the financial impact of managing and optimizing your stack. 

Zylo Savings Center is a flexible, AI-powered solution that automatically detects and prioritizes savings opportunities, estimates financial impact and prescribes actions so you can optimize software investments with confidence. Every dollar saved or avoided is captured and tracked over time with boardroom-ready visualizations and reporting. 

Savings Center Identified Savings

Identify Savings Opportunities

Surface inactive users, compare pricing to industry-leading benchmarks, and catalog redundant applications to capture cost avoidance within a contract and savings at renewal. Remove manual work with AI-powered intelligence that maps licenses to contracts, benchmarks and usage data to automatically quantify the ROI of opportunities.

deprovision workflow

Take Action with Confidence

Prioritize your savings opportunities by ROI and take action to reclaim unused licenses, rightsize software entitlements and eliminate redundant applications.

Savings Center Savings Over Time

Capture and Report Savings

Automatically track savings and cost avoidance when license optimization actions are taken. Report and visualize savings to bring ROI to light at the user and executive level. 

Centralize Cost Savings for IT, Procurement, and SAM

Because every organization and team is unique, Savings Center provides a flexible framework for IT, SAM and Procurement teams to drive savings and quantify the impact of their efforts in a way that is tailored to their unique needs and workflows. In addition to uncovering savings opportunities, Zylo’s Savings Center acts as a central location to capture progress toward savings goals while truly showcasing the value of your SaaS management program.