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WEBINAR: Benchmarking SaaS in 2022

The SaaS Management Metrics You Need to Succeed

SaaS benchmarking in 2022 on-demand webinar

As organizations embrace SaaS to fuel digital transformation and prepare for the future of work, we’re witnessing historic rates of SaaS adoption. But as SaaS becomes a rapidly growing part of your software portfolio in 2022, using benchmarks will be of utmost importance. What metrics are you tracking to drive SaaS Management success?

Tune in as Zylo Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer Ben Pippenger and Anglepoint SaaS Director Ben Edwards share insights from Zylo’s 2022 SaaS Management Index Report and how you can use these benchmarks to achieve your SaaS Management goals. 

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn: 

  • Why benchmarking is critical to SaaS Management success
  • How to use benchmarking data to drive your SaaS Management strategy
  • Which metrics to start tracking today
Access the on-demand webinar