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The Business Case for SaaS Management

shadow it risks

The rise of the cloud and SaaS applications has given companies access to an unprecedented volume of IT resources. This can boost corporate productivity tremendously, but it also introduces new IT security challenges that frequently lay beyond the corporate firewalls.

Large enterprise companies use hundreds of cloud applications on average and that number is growing. The proliferation of SaaS purchases across the enterprise creates a lack of visibility into SaaS subscriptions and leads to overspending and security risk.

The Rise of Shadow IT

Because business functions are choosing to procure and use many SaaS applications without the knowledge or permission of the IT team, IT leaders can no longer assume they retain absolute control over their environment.

IT has no choice but to get ahead of this trend by choosing to be a business enabler, rather than an inhibitor. This phenomenon, known as shadow IT, significantly increases the risk of data breaches and security incidents.

SaaS apps pack leading-edge innovation out-of-the-box, and as a result, building and maintaining custom enterprise apps is now less desirable and economical. While SaaS is usually the less costly alternative, the lack of visibility and control can drive up the cost of maintaining a SaaS portfolio, as well as increase exposure to security risks.

Good News

BeyondID’s experience in working with thousands of enterprise businesses to acquire, deploy and manage SaaS applications has led us to the conclusion that companies can better manage their SaaS spend and enhance their security posture using a number of these methods, including:

  • Discovering SaaS apps that contribute to shadow IT
  • Optimizing license utilization
  • Centrally managing SaaS subscriptions.

The Solution: SaaS Management

A SaaS management solution is the key to create a centralized system of record and can help define the roadmap for overall IT modernization. Businesses also require expertise to acquire, deploy and manage these SaaS applications. As an integral part of their IT modernization roadmap, more businesses are subscribing to a SaaS Management platform and engaging the required expertise.

BeyondID and Zylo: A Partnership for Effective SaaS Management

To further help clients make the most of their SaaS applications, BeyondID and Zylo have established a partnership that leverages to combine their expertise.

By relying on Zylo’s SaaS management experience with BeyondID’s SaaS and cybersecurity service management, businesses are able to accelerate SaaS acquisition and deployment, manage SaaS spend and usage, meet compliance requirements, and increase security and workforce productivity.

This also includes managing the user lifecycle and access to each application, integrations and providing ongoing service administration and monitoring.

Together, Zylo and BeyondID can leverage best practices to provide:

  • SaaS advisory and consultation for selecting and acquiring the right SaaS apps
  • Implementation services for rapid SaaS apps deployment and adoption including SaaS access and lifecycle management
  • Integration services for SaaS apps as microservices
  • Service administration and monitoring services for SaaS apps

Benefits of BeyondID-Zylo Partnership

The BeyondID-Zylo partnership offers many benefits for joint customers.

Zylo provides a powerful central system of record to manage SaaS subscriptions. Zylo enables technology managers to leverage the platform to discover shadow IT and perform effective license management.

BeyondID provides the expertise to assist customers to acquire, deploy and manage these SaaS apps. BeyondID can serve customers as their managed service provider for consulting, implementation and administration of Zylo and other SaaS apps.

Ready to see how Zylo and BeyondID’s partnership can benefit your organization’s SaaS and IT modernization goals? Contact us today at