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Want Sustainable Business Growth? SaaS Management Makes It Possible

sustainable business growth

It’s easy to get caught up with the grow, grow, grow mentality when you’re a high-growth company or in scale-up mode. That’s the nature of business. However, this comes with growing pains. 

Tech and SaaS costs rise alongside headcount and revenue. That’s why you need effective SaaS management to ensure that business growth is sustainable. 

SaaS Growing Pains

Rapid growth is a phenomenal experience for scale-ups. It can mean success, but it can also mean failure. Growing companies experience numerous growing pains that can harm their longevity.

Organizations can feel these pains everywhere, but especially in terms of SaaS which becomes a challenge of scalability. 

This includes an unsustainable expansion of SaaS spending. The average organization spends $65 million a year on SaaS. For large enterprises, that jumps exponentially to $244 million. 

This is in part because the proliferation of SaaS applications across organizations has become the norm. The ease of acquisition of applications by individual employees to team leaders has reduced IT’s visibility on the SaaS portfolio. Thus, it is not uncommon for organizations to have too many apps. 

Today, the average organization has 323 applications in its stack. With larger organizations that have upwards of 5,000 employees, this average becomes 609 applications. What’s more, the exact number of applications fluctuates.

New applications enter the portfolio. Old ones become mothballed without proper closure. 

The problem can seem untenable. Manual SaaS management via spreadsheets and traditional logs becomes time-intensive. Worse, it constantly becomes out-of-date, failing to ever achieve a full picture while keeping your team away from important work. 

The solution is naturally to do more with less. 

How SaaS Management Empowers Sustainable Business Growth

The only relief for SaaS growing pains is a programmatic approach to SaaS management. This will save you money, and help you equip your employees to do their best work. All the while, you’re constantly optimizing your SaaS portfolio, doing more with less. 

Reign in Spending for Financial Runway

Reigning in SaaS spending allows an organization room to breathe. Whether this means setting aside a financial buffer or reinvesting your savings into new projects, SaaS management ensures maximum ROI for every SaaS investment. Which is essential for responsible business scaling.

It all begins with visibility. You can’t manage what you can’t see. A SaaS management platform like Zylo gives you exactly that. Know exactly what SaaS applications are running in your stack so that you can begin to establish the framework of SaaS management. 

With this visibility, you can begin to reign in spending for sustainable business growth: 

  • Eliminate unused applications – With visibility, you can determine the usage of applications across your stack. This includes finding mothballed applications that are running automatic renewals, costing your organization money without providing any benefit. A programmatic application of SaaS management routinely roots these applications out and helps you remove the dead weight harming your bottom line.
  • Reclaim unused licenses – You may have applications operating in your stack that do their job very well. However, they were poorly acquired. Now they’re running licenses with too many seats for your organization. Therefore, you are paying for more than you are using. Identifying these applications allows your organization to negotiate with the SaaS provider to only pay for the seats you need.
  • Consolidate duplicate subscriptionsWithout visibility of your SaaS stack, you can never be sure of your complete SaaS assets. Therefore, different lines of business may acquire separate instances of the same application. Which means you’re paying twice or more for the same service. An effective SaaS management program will help you identify such duplicate applications, and allow you to consolidate your use into a single license, cutting spending.
  • Reduce redundant SaaS applicationsA lack of visibility can also lead to the acquisition of different applications that serve the same purpose. Similar to duplicate applications, these are causing you to spend twice or more for the same utility.
  • Proactive renewal management – SaaS management is more than rationalizing your SaaS stack. By being proactive in your renewals, a renewal will never surprise you again. And with Zylo benchmarks, you can bring data insights on what your peers are paying for the same licenses to the negotiation table.  

And these are just some of the ways SaaS management reigns in spending to promote sustainable business growth. 

Streamline Equipping Employees with What They Need

An essential part of establishing a SaaS management program is enacting a system of governance for responsible acquisitions. However, there’s more to it than that. It means allowing for freedom within a framework.

The move to remote work and the ease of SaaS acquisitions have made employees accustomed to a degree of flexibility. What’s more, allowing employees to choose tools they know and love boosts employee effectiveness.

That’s why any good SaaS management system allows for employee flexibility within established guidelines. 

Zylo’s App catalog helps you do exactly that. The App catalog allows an organization to create a list for employees to see what tools are being used in the business. Which allows them to select tools from a curated, pre-vetted list of approved software specific to your organization. 

It also allows an organization to easily: 

  • Drive awareness of business tools 
  • Fast-track employee onboarding 
  • Give users clear lines of communication 

Do More With Less

Genesys is one such company that saw explosive growth in recent years. So, to maintain sustainable business growth and effectiveness of their SaaS stack they needed a management solution.

They turned to Zylo to do more with less and automate the process. Genesys’s sourcing manager Sam Griffin shared with us how they achieved exactly that on the SaaSMe Unfiltered podcast.

“If you consider something like a workflow that we use in Zylo,” said Griffin. “Being able to have access to the information and automate the sending out of the emails to make sure that we’re re-harvesting the right licenses from the right people – it saves me hours.”

Griffin went on to contrast that to an experience with an application that had switched to a paid subscription model. Without the information that Zylo provided, they were unable to automate the process. That meant checking the footprint of 800 employees. In the end, the project took months to complete.

Whereas with Zylo, the workflow takes minutes.

This was the same lesson Brad Pollard, the former CIO of Tenable, learned early in the pandemic. That doing more with less means driving efficiency.

“With growth companies, you can’t grow your IT staff linearly with the rest of the company,” said Pollard on the CIO’s role in scaling a business. “You need to do more with less. And the expectations inside those companies is, ‘I have the same things that my biggest competitors have, but you have the fraction of the budget.’”

The Bottom Line to Driving Sustainable Business Growth

The most important takeaway from this is that using SaaS management to drive sustainable business growth means finding ways to drive efficiencies. Don’t just cut your spending budget. Maximize every dollar. 

That is how you achieve sustainable business growth with SaaS management. 

Schedule a demo with us today and see how we can help your organization manage your SaaS assets, and save without sacrificing utility.