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Zylo’s App Catalog for Empowered Employee Productivity

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With Zylo’s new App Catalog, employees are enabled to find out what tools are being used in the business on their own with a curated, pre-vetted list of approved software that is specific to your business. It makes challenges like the following become a thing of the past.

A new employee in your company wants to use a productivity tool they used at their last job but they don’t know if their new employer already has that tool or not.

An existing team member keeps hearing other people talk about a particular collaboration app but they don’t know who owns the tool to ask if they can get access.

The head of learning and development at your business is rolling out a new learning application the entire business is able to access but doesn’t have a good place to communicate the needed steps to gain access.

These are common scenarios that happen in an enterprise that usually lead to one of three options: 

  1. The employee purchases their tool of choice on their own without understanding its larger impact on the business.
  2. They go on with their job without the specific tool which could mean being a less productive employee.
  3. They submit a support ticket to IT who then must determine if the requester’s role and credentials permit access to that app and who owns the app in question, all while not focusing on more strategic IT initiatives.

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Adding App Catalog to Zylo empowers your IT team to control the employee application experience from start to finish with transparency into your business tools and streamlined communication for application access requests.

With App Catalog, you can… 

Drive Awareness of Business Tools

  • The biggest challenge many companies face in software governance is creating visibility and transparency to what software is available to employees, and “get out of the way of them getting access to it,” so employees can quickly acquire the tools they need to effectively perform their work.
  • Give users direct visibility into a curated selection of pre-vetted cloud software and SaaS applications and eliminate “Who owns what?” tool requests.
  • If an app is searched for but not found in the company’s App Catalog instance, apps present in the catalog with similar functionality will be recommended.

Fast-track Employee Onboarding

  • App Catalog provides a cost-effective and efficient way for new hires to not only gain access to basic tools required for their roles but also provides them the option to self-select tools that can help them be more productive in their work.
  • With a single source for all the software used in the business, App Catalog gives employees the tools they need to do their jobs on day one.

Zylo App Catalog allows users to filter applications

Give Users Clear Lines of Communication 

  • With a one-stop-shop for business applications, users know who owns what and can learn more about how an application is used in their business so they can make informed requests for application access, reducing friction and time to value.
  • Admins are able to add in as much information about each app they publish to the catalog, including any prerequisites or steps needed to gain access to an app, what roles can access specific apps, references to internal subject-matter experts, and links to web pages for best practices or how-to instructions for company-specific app use cases.
  • Within the App Catalog, employees can find info about an application they may need, including its categorization, designated function, whom to contact with questions about the app or to request access, and any other relevant details.

Zylo App Catalog reduces IT support friction


Unleash Empowered Employee Productivity with App Catalog Today. Request a demo of the most powerful end-to-end employee experience for SaaS applications.