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Zylo Delivers AI-Powered License Optimization Insights and Enhanced Capabilities to Maximize Investment in Software Licenses


Zylo’s comprehensive discovery engine empowers organizations to discover, categorize and monitor SaaS

INDIANAPOLIS, March 17, 2021 – Zylo, the leading enterprise SaaS management platform, today announced a License Optimization Insights feature for automated insights into businesses’ SaaS activity, as well as capabilities to optimize licenses on several existing partner applications.

Amidst remote work and heightened budget reductions, IT teams are being asked to deliver greater results with fewer resources. With SaaS spend growing 26% at the outset of the pandemic and 38% of SaaS licenses going unused, license optimization is a priority for all organizations. Through License Optimization Insights, SaaS license decision-making is automated, enabling businesses to downgrade underutilized licenses to less expensive or free licenses, or pull back licenses from low- or no-activity users, driving cost-savings and proactive SaaS portfolio management. License Optimization Insights are currently available for more than thirty applications, including Zoom, Smartsheet, and Slack.

“The pandemic forced organizations to increase their spending in SaaS to quickly accommodate their new remote workforces,” said Ben Pippenger, co-founder and VP of products at Zylo. “With heightened adoption and spend, there needs to be better transparency into companies’ SaaS licensing and portfolios. With a better view into user activity, organizations can make the most of their SaaS.”

Through Zylo, which manages more than $5B in SaaS spending, cloud-forward enterprises can discover all applications, manage SaaS licenses, build a renewal calendar, drive IT collaboration, and control costs and risk through Zylo’s AI-powered insights, based on data from billions of users.

InVision, a digital product design platform with more than 7 million users, now has access to AI-powered license optimization insights in Zylo to better inform licensing decisions, including user adoption, usage and other activity metrics for license features, as well as opportunities to downgrade to lower-cost licenses or completely deprovision unused licenses.

“Zylo has provided valuable insight to our SaaS spending, including expensed applications,” said Jessie Schafer, senior business technology analyst at InVision. “We are excited to use License Optimization Insights to reveal additional utilization and savings opportunities.”

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About Zylo

Zylo’s mission is to empower companies to embrace the rapid growth of SaaS by controlling costs and risks while improving employee effectiveness. By providing visibility into SaaS spend and utilization, Zylo delivers a comprehensive SaaS system of record, empowering business leaders to discover, optimize and govern their SaaS investments. As the leader in SaaS management solutions, Zylo is trusted by enterprises worldwide to provide employees easy access to secure and compliant applications, while reducing operational burden. For more information, visit


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