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Unleashing the Power of Savings with Zylo’s Savings Center

Zylo Savings Center


Opportunities for cost savings or avoidance are abundant across your SaaS inventory, licenses, and renewals. However, with hundreds of applications in your software stack, it’s often unclear where to start, what to prioritize, or how to capture and report on savings.

Software savings often happen in small moments – a reduced renewal here, canceling an application there – and too often we don’t take the time to calculate the larger cumulative impact these have on the business. That’s where Zylo’s Savings Center comes in. Every dollar saved or avoided is captured and tracked over time with boardroom-ready visualizations and reporting. 

Zylo’s Savings Center not only makes the ROI of a SaaS Management program quantifiable, it is the central location for IT, SAM, and Procurement to manage their activities that lead to savings. 

“With Zylo’s Savings Center, I can easily track all of our savings and cost avoidance data. Its seamless consolidation ensures everyone in our company has access to the same information, enabling us to transparently demonstrate the immense value that procurement contributes to our organization.”

– Lance Le, Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager at Redis

Track and Report on Savings in One Place

Zylo’s Savings Center doesn’t just quantify the ROI of a SaaS Management program. It serves as a centralized hub for IT, SAM, and Procurement teams to manage their savings-driven activities. 

Every time a savings action is taken – reclaiming unused licenses, benchmarking a better price, canceling an application and more – Savings Center automatically captures these activities. Having that data tracked enables you to showcase the value of each user’s work and the ROI of your SaaS Management program.

Say goodbye to manual savings trackers that never align with what other departments are tracking. Savings Center is your go-to hub for managing your savings opportunities. Check out what you should be tracking here.

Savings Center Insights

Power Savings Calculations with AI

Quantifying savings might seem straightforward. But it can quickly become complex as soon as you add varying license types or cost drivers, such as platform fees or services to a contract. Not to mention, the name of a license in a contract rarely matches the name from usage data for your applications.  

Savings Center simplifies this process. Powered by Zylo’s LicenseAI, it normalizes mismatched data and provides a clear view of potential savings. Remove hours of work trying to get the unit cost of a license and start taking action on your highest priorities. 

Prioritize High-Value Actions with Ease

Zylo already highlights top insights across your portfolio and licenses. Now, with Savings Center, these opportunities are quantified and can be prioritized based on their financial impact.

With the average business facing one SaaS renewal each business day, knowing which actions have significant impact on your bottom line is crucial. Savings Center eliminates the need to spend exorbitant hours determining what levers to pull and how much you can save at renewal.

Zylo Savings Center Dashboard on Laptop Screen

Show off Your Program Success, But Just as Importantly, Yours!

Savings Center empowers IT, SAM, and Procurement leaders with a roadmap to address waste, save money, and quantify their impact – and truly showcase the value of their SaaS management program. 

Every day Zylo users are acting on optimization opportunities across their SaaS stack, helping their companies achieve responsible business growth. Savings Center not only surfaces the highest value activities, but captures and quantifies the financial impact of all your hard work. Take credit, you deserve it! 

At the company level, cost savings and avoidance is one of the key outcomes of a mature SaaS Management strategy. Savings Center captures the savings driven across IT, Procurement, and SAM in a centralized solution with board-ready reporting. 

Start saving and proving the value of your SaaS management program. Request your personalized demo today to learn more.



Thom McCorkle

As Zylo's Director of Product Marketing, Thom is responsible for leading Zylo's product marketing strategy and execution with a passion for aligning customer needs and Zylo's value into everything we build and launch. He brings 7+ years of experience working with Zylo's customers and prospects with various roles from leading Customer Success to enablement and sales/solution strategy.