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Carpe Diem: Seizing SaaS Savings Opportunities to Propel Your Career

SaaS savings opportunities propel your career

No matter where you sit in an organization, you’re getting pinched between two formidable forces: the relentless surge in software prices and the squeeze on budgets. 

The result? 

A universal call to achieve more with less, an imperative to ensure every dollar spent is a dollar spent wisely. And in this cost-conscious landscape, savings matter more than ever. 

SaaS License WasteSoftware expenditure ranks as the second largest operating expense, trailing only behind the colossal budget allocated for the workforce. Beyond this, it’s riddled with inefficiencies and waste

While we’re all feeling this pinch, IT and Procurement leaders have a unique opportunity to capitalize on it. An opportunity to deliver value for their organizations and propel their careers forward. 

When it comes to managing your SaaS portfolio, there is no shortage of optimization opportunities – from rightsizing licenses, negotiating more favorable pricing, or consolidating your portfolio to reduce redundancies.

Yet, for those responsible for SaaS management (we’re looking at you, IT, Procurement, Software Asset Management (SAM), and Operations teams), quantifying the value of your efforts can be akin to chasing a mirage. Wins happen in small moments, so you need to quantify those wins. 

Are you tracking optimization wins and assigning them dollar values? Then, are you leveraging that information to your boss to show that you’re a hero of SaaS management

The diligent work you put into rightsizing a license agreement or negotiating renewal can sometimes be forgotten when you’re moving onto the next renewal or optimization opportunity. But, it can be the difference between getting a promotion and not.

Throw Out Your Spreadsheets

The pervasive method in use today is spreadsheets, spreadsheets, and more spreadsheets. Whether within IT or Finance, the ubiquitous spreadsheet is the tool of choice for tracking SaaS investments and measuring progress toward your savings goals. Procurement teams, often tasked with meeting savings targets, resort to the same trusty spreadsheet.

6 Reasons Spreadsheets are Ineffective for Managing SaaSYet, here’s the problem: spreadsheets are inherently flawed. They present a super manual process that is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and forgetfulness. 

When you’re juggling hundreds or even thousands of applications, overlooking a savings opportunity is shockingly easy.

Whether you’re in IT or Finance, your daily activities involve actions targeted at software savings. From canceling underutilized applications to reclaiming unused licenses and benchmarking for better pricing, you are constantly in motion. 

Without a systemic tracking mechanism, you can lose track of opportunities and wins can slip through your fingers. 

Become a SaaS Savings Superhero

There’s a lot of elements to implementing a SaaS management program. With everything you’re juggling, it can feel tough to come up for air sometimes. So, how can you do meaningful work without being bogged down trying to identify, track, and report on cost savings?

A SaaS management platform (SMP) is the missing piece that will make you the SaaS savings superhero at your organization. In short, it empowers you to take control of your organization’s software savings and truly quantify the value of your work. 

Savings Center Identified SavingsIt’s a transformative shift from the obscure realm of spreadsheet-driven tracking to a clear and systematic methodology. That manual work turns into:

  • Insights into all the available actions that can maximize your savings
  • Automated tracking of every savings action you take
  • Reports on savings to quantify program value
  • Demonstration of the results of your efforts as a savings superhero

In a landscape where every organization is on the lookout for ways to save, your moment to capitalize has arrived. Keep your eyes laser focused on meaningful, strategic work, and let a SaaS management platform be the muscle behind quantifying the results of your efforts.

Automate Savings Identification, Tracking, and Reporting with Zylo Savings Center

Software is brimming with opportunities for savings. Zylo’s Savings Center ensures that these opportunities are not merely identified but also realized and quantified. 

Software is a strategic asset for your organization. As such, it’s critical to report on the outcomes of your SaaS management program. Savings Center grants you a clear view of the value you’re generating so you can articulate the return on investment of your program.

Your journey to becoming a SaaS savings superhero begins with Zylo’s Savings Center. 

Zylo Savings Center Dashboard on Laptop Screen

It’s time to move beyond spreadsheets and manual tracking. Embrace a systematic and automated approach that not only helps you capture your achievements but also enables your organization to celebrate the tangible value you bring to the table.

Amidst rising software costs and budget constraints, SaaS management has never been more challenging or important. With Zylo’s Savings Center, the path to quantifiable savings has never been clearer. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and welcome a new era of software savings.

To learn more about Zylo’s Savings Center and how it can transform your approach to SaaS savings, visit our product page.

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