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SaaS for SaaS for Life Sciences

Legendary co-founder of AOL and now Chairman and CEO of Revolution Ventures authored The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future, in which he outlined the 1st wave of the internet which entailed building the infrastructure of the internet and bringing it to people. He also asserted that the 2nd wave of the internet has been about building apps and services on top of the internet. Because the internet now has been seamlessly integrated into many aspects of how companies operate, the 3rd wave of the internet is specializing and transforming the way in which those companies operate. In short, industry-specific solutions are beginning to innovate at a rapid rate.

Today, Zylo serves customers in many different industries: Tech, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharma, Professional Services, Digital Agencies, Manufacturing, etc. What we’ve found is that there is a common need, regardless of industry, for a solution to help teams manage the quickly-growing category of SaaS.

As Zylo continues to grow and add new industries to our customer portfolio, we’ve found a couple interesting insights:

SaaS Footprints In General are Currently Very Similar Across Industries

Zylo has found that companies have already embraced existing SaaS solutions that solve for common needs across most companies: think HR (Workday), CRM (Salesforce), Communications (Zoom), Storage (Box) and others. Because of this, Zylo is able to serve all of our customers in a fairly consistent and value-driven way. Some industries adopted earlier than others, but all are now standardizing on SaaS software across their companies. In fact, nearly every CIO that we’ve ever spoken with has their “Digital/Cloud Transformation” as a Top 5 priority in their annual goals. However….

Industry Solutions Are Innovating at a Rapid Pace

Over the past 2 years as we add new customers and industries to our portfolio, we’re finding an increasing number of SaaS solutions focused on those specific industries, whether it be Manufacturing (Environmental Health and Safety and Air Quality apps), Healthcare (Patient Care apps) or Travel (Transportation apps). As we look at how companies manage their SaaS footprint, there is an increasing need to focus on delivering industry-specific value via industry-specific apps.

Recently, Zylo executed the first step of our early industry-specific strategy by launching a new enterprise-grade direct API integration into Veeva, who bill themselves as the “Industry Cloud for Life Sciences.” In a highly regulated industry such as pharmaceuticals, Veeva allows companies to manage all of their content and customer account information in a secure and regulated way, ensuring maximum compliance and efficiency. This is where Zylo’s integration into Veeva creates an entirely new value-stream with Life Sciences companies. Now, not only can you understand and manage your traditional back-office cloud solutions in an optimized way, Life Sciences and Pharma companies can now begin to manage their industry-specific applications and licenses in a granular manner.

Personally, coming from a Pharmaceutical Procurement background in a former life, I couldn’t be more excited for the value that we’ll be able to unlock in this space. Pharma IT and Procurement organizations have been working with existing tool sets for years, and now Zylo will be able to deliver them out-of-the-box value for not only their existing deployments of mainstream software, but also for specialized software in the healthcare space.

Big day for Zylo, and the Healthcare industry!