SaaS Integrations & Partnerships

SaaS Integrations & Partnerships



Zylo is a Software as a Service application built to help our customers get the most value out of their SaaS investments.

We partner with industry leading SaaS providers in 4 distinct ways in order to do this:

Financial Integration Partners

Through point and click integrations, the Zylo platform is able to discover and provide visibility into known and unknown SaaS transactions across the entire business.

Utilization Integration Partners

Understanding how team members are using applications & how your licensing is structured is critical to understanding value in a single SaaS system of record.

Platform Integration Partners

Platform integrations extend the functionality of Zylo into applications and systems that our customers are already using everyday to ensure a positive worker experience.

App Discovery

With a repository of over 6,000 applications, Zylo is able to quickly and accurately discover, normalize and categorize your entire SaaS stack down to the functional level.

App Discovery Catalog

Zylo has a repository of over 6,000 SaaS applications to accurately discover, normalize and categorize an enterprise’s entire SaaS stack

SaaS changed the way software is purchased.
Zylo is changing the way software is managed.

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