How many cloud apps does your business use?

Organizations are adopting SaaS subscriptions and cloud apps faster than ever, but have no visibility into what they pay for and use. Zylo provides visibility and control into one of your biggest investments.

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SaaS Optimization Platform Zylo Secures $3.3M In Seed Funding

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Zylo is the first software optimization platform built specifically for cloud software to support buyers across the enterprise.

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Unlock the Full Potential of SaaS

Track, manage, and optimize your SaaS and cloud app investments with powerful insights into spend, utilization, and feedback.

Increase Visibility

Monitor app purchases across an entire organization and find new innovations, redundancies, and opportunities for efficiency.

Optimize Your SaaS

Make better real-time decisions with powerful insights, alerts, and employee feedback at your fingertips.

Manage Providers

Manage high volumes of renewals and SaaS vendor relationships with collaboration, important app details, and contracts all stored in one place.

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With Zylo, we will have a clear view into what software we use across the organization, how much we spend and where we can better utilize our cloud software investments.
Christopher Bruzzi
Vice President of Technology, Appirio