The Cloud Intelligence Platform

The cloud shift is happening so fast in every corner of your business. It is difficult to maintain visibility into one of the largest recurring costs for businesses today: cloud applications. Zylo partners with IT and Finance to provide the business with a Cloud Intelligence Platform. Using Zylo, businesses discover, manage, measure and optimize these cloud investments to maximize cost savings and drive up productivity.

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Best Practices for Effective SaaS Renewal Management

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One System of Record

Businesses can no longer solely rely on traditional software management tools, or nothing at all, to manage the cloud. Zylo enables every individual and department responsible for a cloud subscription to collaborate across the business to make the most out of each SaaS and cloud application and partner.

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How Does it Work?

Get one source of truth when you start with the money spent on applications and use the data to maximize cost savings and drive up productivity.


Uncover every dollar spent on SaaS from the CIO down to the individual sales rep buying an application on a credit card. Whether your focus is the biggest enterprise platforms or the hidden purchases across the business, Zylo has you covered.


Prepare for every single renewal with your data and time on your side. You can drive renewal conversations with real-time application spend, utilization and feedback data that has never before been in your hands in such an actionable way.


Track utilization for cloud applications and get deep, customized insights from the most strategic and complicated software suppliers. You no longer have to guess why or how each tool is being used in your business before you take action.


Pay for what you use and what you have licensed at the time of renewal with confidence. You can avoid the frustration and wasted time and cost of redundant and unused applications. Now you can proactively forecast future needs with accurate application information, down to the department and employee level.

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With Zylo, we have a clear view into what software we use across the organization, how much we spend and where we can better utilize our cloud software investments.
Christopher Bruzzi
Vice President of Technology, Appirio