SaaS Optimization

Everyone is buying SaaS, but who is managing it? SaaS management across the entire enterprise, from the largest to the smallest investments, is one of the most difficult categories to manage in real-time. Knowing what SaaS applications are actively in use and driving the most value for the enterprise is even more difficult to measure. Zylo is the leading SaaS Optimization Platform and partners with IT and Finance to solve these challenges.

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IT and Procurement Partner to Optimize SaaS Applications

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Proactive SaaS Management

IT needs deep utilization data to manage the largest, most strategic software applications in the enterprise. Procurement needs full transparency into application spend, utilization, and employee feedback in one system of record in order to partner with the business and lead their SaaS optimization strategy. With Zylo, you can do this in one platform.

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SaaS for SaaS

Zylo is a SaaS platform to manage real-time SaaS application spend, utilization and feedback in one system of record. With Zylo, you can:


Discover all of the SaaS applications being purchased via your accounts payable or employee expense data.


Manage SaaS vendors from one system of record with all of the data to fuel strategic and proactive renewals.


Measure real-time utilization and employee sentiment to determine the value each application is providing.


Optimize your SaaS spend and utilization across the entire enterprise, from the largest to the smallest applications.

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With Zylo, we have a clear view into what software we use across the organization, how much we spend and where we can better utilize our cloud software investments.
Christopher Bruzzi
Vice President of Technology, Appirio