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Zylo is changing the way software is managed.

Zylo is the leading SaaS Optimization Platform. You can discover, manage, measure and optimize all SaaS applications from one system of record.

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SaaS Management & Optimization

How do we do it? By combining application spend, utilization, and feedback data, our SaaS management tool can:


all of the SaaS applications being purchased via your accounts payable or employee expense data


SaaS vendors from one system of record with all of the data to fuel strategic and proactive renewals


real-time utilization and employee sentiment to determine the value each application is providing


your SaaS spend and utilization across the entire organization, from the largest to the smallest applications

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Zylo customers range from the fastest growing tech companies in the world to leading enterprise financial and pharmaceutical companies and the largest consulting firms. Zylo customers monitor more than 6,000 SaaS applications and have over $300M of SaaS spend under management in our SaaS optimization platform.

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