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Zylo Named SaaS Spend Management and SaaS Operations Management Leader in G2 Fall 2022 Grid Report

G2 - Zylo Fall 2022


G2 released their Fall 2022 Grid Report last month, and Zylo has been named a leader in not one, but two categories: SaaS Spend Management and SaaS Operations Management. We’re honored to have been rated so highly by our customers and will continue innovating with new features that help them as we navigate the SaaS management world together.

Let’s dive deeper into what exactly our customers say they value about the platform and how G2 determines category leaders. 

What Our Customers Have to Say

97% of customer reviews rated Zylo as five stars. Here are some of the top reasons why “Zylo is a godsend”:

Customers are shining a light on their Shadow IT with continuous SaaS visibility. 

“Zylo’s platform is highly intuitive and so easy to use. The visibility Zylo gives us into our SaaS products is invaluable and is beneficial across our teams. Aside from the tool itself, the best thing about Zylo is the support we get from their team and the guidance they continue to provide. It’s the best SaaS management tool out there!” Anonymous in Pharma

“One of the greatest benefits of Zylo is the visibility you get into how much you are spending on a particular SaaS offering and who is using it. The integration into the systems to pull this data is very simple and straightforward. The interface is intuitive and not cluttered. As a security professional, this also helps us identify applications that are being used without authorization and prior approval.” Anonymous

“Zylo uses your financials to discover new SaaS purchases whether on AP or hidden PCard purchases. The ability to add additional attributes about products in your portfolio allows you to support lifecycle programs with the information in Zylo. Seeing the payment information on a product, answers many questions at one sight without running reports in your AP system.” Larry H

As the world feels the effects of inflation and an uncertain economy, IT and finance leaders are strategically optimizing and driving down costs. 

“It gives you visibility to all software spend within your environment. By pulling from expense reports, AP payments, and corporate cards it gives you a holistic view of things. It helps procurement teams stay on top of what you have and when it renews, lets security teams know and be able to assess things that may not have followed policy, and allows finance teams and budget owners visibility into where the money is being spent. The system is flexible and easy to use to give the relevant information that’s needed.” Brittney L 

“Zylo’s ability to extract software spend from Concur credit card and generically labeled invoice transactions is precious to leadership. Traditional accounts payable methods only capture the vendor name, while Zylo can analyze those transactions and match them to a specific application. Zylo Workflows have allowed for the retrieval of many unused licenses, enabling more cost savings. This method of capturing user responses is much more efficient than the old way of sending out mass emails.” Pablo D 

“A must have for SaaS management. The user interface, the visualization of data and the usage pattern we can use for users. The last used graphs help reharvest licenses and save cost.”Prasenjeet D

SaaS owners are avoiding the auto-renewal trap and driving renewal decisions with unprecedented control. 

“Zylo has been extremely helpful in 1) cleaning up application users (thereby reducing overall expenses) and 2) being aggressive on contract renewals and helping us save money across the board. It’s also been a huge bonus to streamline and lock down our process of software renewals and new software acquisition. Our process before was creating a disjointed effort across the company with no true single pathway to acquire new software. Now, it’s very straightforward and streamlined, making everyones’ lives much easier.” Sam A

“Zylo is excellent at keeping track of upcoming renewals, identifying right-sizing opportunities before renewal with tool insights and usage data, tracking and mitigating shadow-IT, as well as using its excellent categorization of SaaS tools to identify tools with functional overlap for consolidation.” Thomas O

“Identify shadow spend, consolidate SaaS, monitor renewal dates and gain insights into negotiations. Zylo also provides us with one source of truth for this spend regardless if it is on CC or invoiced through our P2P.” Jeremy P

What Does Being a G2 Leader Mean?

G2 scores products and vendors by accumulating reviews left by their community of users and aggregating data from social media and various online sources. Scores are allocated based on two key factors: user satisfaction, or “Satisfaction,” and overall prevalence in the market, or “Market Presence.”

When a company is leading a category on G2, that means, out of every platform that qualifies to be included, that organization has the highest Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.

Let’s dive deeper in the SaaS Spend Management and SaaS Operations Management categories.

SaaS Spend Management

To be considered a leader in the SaaS Spend Management category, a platform must:

  • Centralize control over SaaS licenses
  • Facilitate SaaS contract management
  • Track spending and forecast the costs of SaaS subscriptions
  • Monitor SaaS product utilization and/or user sentiment

Zylo gives you comprehensive and continuous visibility into what SaaS applications your organization is using, how they are using them, who is buying these tools and for how much. Instead of sifting through mountains of license and subscription data to understand what’s important, Zylo proactively surfaces these insights for you. Our platform will show you your inactive users, so you can reclaim those licenses, as well as purchasing inefficiencies like newly added applications, duplication subscriptions, and recently expired contracts.

Zylo provides accurate, real-time data for renewal decisions to drive down costs. Here’s how it works: 

  • It tracks app logins
  • It offers insight into application-specific and feature-level usage
  • It determines redundant app usage
  • It supplies the most comprehensive benchmarking data

With Zylo, you can track and understand how your company uses applications to better align your spend and usage information across the business.

SaaS Operations Management

To be considered a leader in the SaaS Operations category, a platform must:

  • Provide visibility over a company’s full range of SaaS solutions
  • Allow administrative control over individual user and team access
  • Manage solution integrations and policy adherence
  • Dictate security and privacy policies relating to SaaS access and usage
  • Provide process automation capabilities surrounding SaaS administration

Zylo is the only SaaS Management Platform that discovers 100% of SaaS applications and continuously detects applications as they enter your environment, so you can ensure compliance with your IT and purchasing policies. With Zylo’s App Catalog, employees can search IT-approved applications and quickly find the SaaS tools they need, which can reduce expense spending and shadow IT.

Zylo automates repetitive, manual tasks with workflows for licenses harvesting, reclamation, and downgrading and deprovisioning. If a SaaS license is identified as underutilized or inactive, a workflow is initiated and the license can be revoked or downgraded.

The Future

Thanks to all of the incredible customers who have partnered with us. We’re honored to have been named a leader in these categories, and we remain dedicated to helping companies manage and optimize their SaaS. As we look at our product roadmap for the rest of the year and beyond, we’re keen on building features that help our customers increase efficiency, save money, and maximize the value of their SaaS investments. 

Interested in being the next happy Zylo customer to write a review on G2? Reach out for a demo today!



Mady Engelhart

As Product Marketing Manager at Zylo, Mady Engelhart is responsible for developing product messaging and positioning, leading market and competitive intelligence, and creating go-to-market plans for products in conjunction with the marketing organization. Mady has spent her career working at B2B technology companies.