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Celebrating the Winners of the Inaugural SaaSMes

SaaSMe Awards


This week we hosted the industry’s first-ever SaaS Management event, SaaSMe. Alongside hearing from thought leaders, CIOs and SaaS Management professionals, one of the highlights of the virtual conference was the inaugural SaaSMes which honored organizations taking progressive approaches to SaaS Management. 

The winners of these awards are organizations that are embracing the power of SaaS Management to drive transformation and impact in their organizations. We presented SaaSMes in three categories and awarded two winners in each category – one enterprise winner and one high-growth winner. 

Without further ado – here’s a look at our winners! 

SaaS Management Program of the Year

This award recognizes organizations that have embraced an innovative and comprehensive SaaS Management approach, driving rapid cross-functional adoption of SaaS Management practices and making SaaS Management core to how they run their business. 


With a technology stack consisting of mostly cloud and SaaS products, the team at Yahoo was intent on driving and adopting the best practices in the industry. And they’ve done just that!

Yahoo built a SaaS Management program that supports thousands of users internally and makes SaaS Management core to how Yahoo operates. Zylo is Yahoo’s SaaS system of record, tracking ownership and custom attributes across 96% of their applications. This foundation is managed and maintained to monitor shadow IT, proactively manage renewals, execute on SaaS governance processes and optimize usage across all applications. 


InVision has been a model organization for SaaS Management and Zylo customer adopting nearly every aspect of the Zylo platform over the past three years. They’ve built out a mature system of record with near complete coverage of application owners, contracts, procurement-focused custom fields and much more. 

Not only this, InVision has made it a priority to get members from a variety of teams into the Zylo platform to gain visibility into their SaaS stack by rolling out Zylo Views and the Zylo Application Catalog. As an organization they have seen clear ROI through Zylo by realizing license management opportunities and rationalizing their SaaS stack. 

SaaS Management Value Award

This award recognizes companies that places adoption and optimization at the center of their SaaS Management programs. With a clear focus on driving overall utilization, they take a proactive approach to SaaS adoption, measurement and monitoring while driving ROI by keeping their licensing right-sized and efficient.


SaaS Management is a core competency within the Technology Asset Management team at Abbvie. The AbbVie team is driven and action-oriented and it shows in the value of their SaaS Management program focused on cost-avoidance, adoption, and automation. 

For example, with one of their key SaaS providers, AbbVie was able to drive license optimization initiatives that avoided new purchases valued at 90% of the annual contract value. Due to their efforts, they maintain very high active utilization rates of more than 90% across their core CRM applications. Adoption efforts across project management, web conferencing, and pharmaceutical tooling have led to centralized visibility for application owners, strategic license reclamation and reallocation, and informed vendor negotiations.

REA Group

REA Group hit the ground running with SaaS Management as soon as they went live with Zylo last year. An Australian company changing the way the world experiences property, REA Group is using Zylo to globally manage SaaS across 3 continents today.

Their Procurement and IT teams are tightly aligned in their use and application of Zylo’s Insights and SaaS integrations. REA Group has some of the highest adoption/utilization rates in their customer cohort on their SaaS products, consistently driving more than 90% adoption across their core products, in large part due to the efforts of their team proactively driving license optimization workflows to ensure adoption on purchased licenses. 

On one of their largest renewals in 2021, they leveraged Zylo’s visibility to help them achieve 44% savings and increase utilization on that core business application to more than 93% going forward. They’ve continued to drive optimization and savings through Zylo and we can’t wait to see what this team does next! 

SaaS Management Superhero of the Year Award

This award recognizes the individuals that have taken ownership of SaaS Management and driven internal change to achieve results and progressively build an effective SaaS Management approach across their business. 

While we recognize that SaaS Management is a team sport, these individuals are shining examples of progressive thought-leaders and action-oriented individuals championing change in their organizations. 

Samantha Emrick, Software Asset Manager, Genesys

When we talk about model SaaS Management programs, Genesys is consistently at the top of our list. Within the Genesys team, Samantha Emrick takes an impressive and intentional approach to collaborating with all possible internal SAM, IT and Finance stakeholders. 

Samantha thoughtfully showcases the benefits of their SAM/SaaS Management program across the organization and actively drives new initiatives at a rapid pace. She does this by programmatically focusing on license management wins across the full SaaS stack internally at Genesys and driving 20+ large application license management reviews utilizing automated license management workflows! She’s created the type of program where internal stakeholders applaud all reclamation efforts and view these activities as strategic to ongoing license management health. 

Greg Karp-Neufeld, Director of IT, Curology

Greg has been a true champion of SaaS Management within his organization, not only using Zylo as as a single source of truth for SaaS, but also taking the lead internally to streamline Curology’s SaaS procurement procedures as they grow. 

Greg oversees all SaaS renewals and new app requests, partnering with Zylo Managed Services to work with vendors and negotiate material savings across their business. He championed the implementation of Curology’s App Catalog in Zylo, introducing the tool and new SaaS supporting processes across the organization in an effort to drive better visibility and increase employee engagement with IT. Greg also shares SaaS metrics internally by providing Curology leaders access with custom Views for their department, giving them visibility into their SaaS spend, utilization and renewal detail. 

Congratulations again to all the SaaSMes winners. You are setting the standard for SaaS Management excellence and we’re honored to be part of your journey.