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Enterprise SaaS Management Evolves with New Tools from Zylo

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At Zylo, we strive to understand our customers’ challenges, motivations, and how our solutions will impact their business.

Based on invaluable customer feedback like this, we recently launched new features to make enterprise SaaS Management more effective than ever.

These features will spur the next evolutionary step towards mature, scalable SaaS Management at a time when the managing cloud-based subscriptions software consumes a growing amount of capital and resources.

Zylo Provides the Next Steps for SaaS Management

The new capabilities enable businesses to create a distributed model for SaaS Management. This allows SaaS visibility, tasks, and ownership to be delegated to users throughout the organization, reducing administrative burden without sacrificing oversight or governance.

A large enterprise’s total investment in cloud-based subscription software now represents spending of about $4,600 per employee, according to Zylo’s 2023 SaaS Management Index. In comparison, it costs about $14,000 per year to provide healthcare benefits to an average employee and their dependents according to the National Business Group on Health.

Business Units Level Up Enterprise SaaS Management

Technology leaders who deploy Zylo can now create and view multiple separate business units from within the SaaS Management tool.

This allows users to curate separate, unique SaaS inventories for separate business units but also maintain a bird’s eye view of all SaaS applications throughout the business.

Example use case: A services firm expands globally, acquiring several new teams in multiple countries.

To understand their acquisition and start consolidating technology assets and practices, IT managers want to identify the total SaaS inventory throughout each new organization but prefer to monitor each location as a separate entity.

In this scenario, a Zylo admin can now create and monitor each team and its respective SaaS inventory as a discrete business unit.

Distributed Management via Views & Access Controls

By introducing views and role-based permissions to dictate what individual teams and users can see, edit, and manage in the Zylo platform, technology leaders can now delegate the administrative management of SaaS to users throughout the company.

Views and access controls create the ability to:

  • Improve SaaS visibility
  • Empower a proactive, distributed SaaS Management strategy
  • Preserve data compliance and confidentiality
  • Automate processes for SaaS discovery and ownership

Improve SaaS Visibility

Improve SaaS visibility for teams and users across the business by creating views that show the specific subsets of SaaS applications they own.

This allows technology managers to socialize SaaS application data in a secure way and distribute a portion of SaaS management throughout the business while retaining the oversight needed for an overall management strategy.

When teams and users have the ability to view and access key SaaS Management info such as cost, renewal dates, licenses, and utilization data, they can help eliminate surprises and unplanned spend.

Example use case: Your Marketing team owns a large SaaS application inventory.

Today, they need to stay informed with frequent updates about upcoming renewals, license counts, and other key data.

Providing this team with access within Zylo of all Marketing-associated SaaS applications and their related data can enable them to make better decisions about their SaaS portfolio usage and composition.  

Empower a Proactive, Distributed SaaS Management Strategy

Empower a proactive, distributed management strategy for SaaS applications by giving teams and users role-based permissions to directly control the management of their owned applications.

This includes the ability to switch specific Zylo platform functions on or off per user. Examples include the ability to add new applications to the platform, edit payment data, reprovision licenses, or integrate new applications.

Toggling these controls per user or team gives Zylo admins the ability to mix and match access controls and fine-tune a distributed management strategy based on the users’ qualifications.

Example use case: Your Finance teams should see, but not manage, all SaaS applications.

Finance is qualified to see all applications entering the organization and update payment information, but don’t need to make changes to API integrations or subscriptions.

A Zylo admin can now create a custom set of permissions for Finance users that allows them view all applications throughout the business but only grants the ability to edit application payment data .

Preserve Data Compliance and Confidentiality

Preserve data compliance and confidentiality by combining the ability to restrict views and permissions to only the users who need it, technology managers can ensure sensitive company data remains secure and confidential.

Automate Processes for SaaS Discovery and Ownership

Save time by automatically making new applications visible to the right teams and users by automatically assigning new applications to certain views based on application attributes found in Zylo’s ever-expanding library of more than 8,000 application profiles.

SaaS Management Maturity Demands Custom, Flexible Controls

Even though many organizations are just kicking off their SaaS management journeys, they are doing so with planning and intention for managing SaaS over the long term.

This is especially true for businesses operating at enterprise scale where the goal is to manage cloud-based subscription software so it maximizes value and minimizes reduces administrative burden.

We’re proud to make these new features available to our users and customers. We believe they empower the next step in the continuing evolution of SaaS management.

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Ben Pippenger

As Chief Strategy Officer, Ben is responsible for shaping and driving Zylo’s corporate strategy by monitoring and analyzing key market trends. As Zylo co-founder, he is passionate about the power of SaaS and helping organizations understand how they can manage, measure and maximize their investments for greater business impact. Ben is a self-proclaimed SaaS geek, with more than 20 years of B2B software experience, and a recognized SaaS and software management thought leader. Before founding Zylo, Ben held leadership roles in product and account management at Salesforce and ExactTarget.