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Introducing Okta Actions

Okta Actions


Automate License Deprovisioning to Optimize Spend and Drive Efficiency

Managing SaaS-based licenses in enterprise environments can present various issues, especially when attempting to obtain maximum value for a SaaS license purchase. It often means a unique version of the Goldilocks problem for IT managers.

If the organization purchases too many licenses, a significant quantity will go unprovisioned or unused– resulting in wasted spend. Purchase too few SaaS licenses, and employees may not have the tools necessary to work effectively. Or, they may experience the inconvenience of having to share or reassign licenses frequently. 

The cost of unused licenses quickly adds up. According to Zylo’s 2023 SaaS Management Index, 44% of SaaS licenses go unused during a given 30-day period. That means an organization could easily waste $17 million on SaaS due to unused and underused licenses!

IT often lacks visibility into if and how employees use applications, making it hard to effectively manage access and licenses across a growing number of tools. Additionally, the practice of auditing and reharvesting SaaS licenses is tedious and time consuming. Do any of these manual tasks sound familiar? Downloading reports from admin panels, emailing hundreds of users, and scrambling to field responses. 

Those days are over. Today, Zylo introduces an all new feature to automate license management and optimize licensing across hundreds of tools, saving you time and money.

Okta Actions automatically deprovisions licenses for any application you have behind Okta SSO based on real-time usage data from Zylo to optimize costs, drive efficiency, and get more mileage out of your SaaS licenses. 

Automate License Management with Data-Driven Insights

How many times has an employee asked for an app and then only used it once? Probably a lot, but IT often lacks visibility into these behaviors. And with the average company having 323 SaaS applications, that’s a lot to keep track of. 

Okta Actions unlocks automated insights and workflows to help you manage your licenses. If someone has not used an application in the last 60 days, Zylo will proactively surface this insight and allow you to instantaneously deprovision these users.

We understand the importance of syncing your systems and the pains of manual maintenance when they do not talk to each other. Zylo’s integration with Okta means when you deprovision via Zylo, the user is excluded from the app group in Okta too – and will not be reprovisioned the next time they log into their Okta instance.

Optimize Costs, Drive Efficiency, and Get More Mileage Out of Your SaaS Licenses

Companies invest large amounts of money into the tools and applications they provide. Our goal is to help you maximize the value of these tools, and our integration with Okta is an important step.

With Zylo and Okta you can:

Optimize SaaS Costs

SaaS licenses are expensive. We don’t have to tell you that. Remember, 40% of your SaaS tools likely remain unused over the average 30-day period. That means a third of your SaaS spend goes to waste and contributes zero value for your employees or organization. 

Drive Efficiency

Set utilization thresholds and expectations of your application investments. Zylo will proactively surface your inactive users, so you don’t have to go looking for them. Then, automate the manual license deprovisioning process, saving you hours of manual work.

Get More Mileage Out of Your SaaS Licenses

Optimizing SaaS license purchases represents an opportunity to improve overall SaaS value. Pay for what you’re actually using – and not a dollar more.

Get Started with Okta Actions Today

Gone are the days of wasted licenses and manual processes. Okta Actions gives IT teams real-time visibility into application usage and automates license management.

Ready to maximize your SaaS investments with less effort? If you’re an existing Zylo customer, reach out to your SaaS consultant to learn more. If you’re not a current customer, schedule a demo to learn more about our Okta Actions add-on.



Mady Engelhart

As Product Marketing Manager at Zylo, Mady Engelhart is responsible for developing product messaging and positioning, leading market and competitive intelligence, and creating go-to-market plans for products in conjunction with the marketing organization. Mady has spent her career working at B2B technology companies.