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Zylo Views: Managing SaaS with Business Leaders

Zylo Views

Ten years ago, business leaders submitted requests to IT for every software purchase. Today, software purchases are made by any employee in the business with a click of a button.

Visibility into an enterprise’s entire SaaS stack is a top priority. Since 69% of software purchases are made outside of IT, business owners need the ability to manage software in the same way they purchase it: decentralized throughout the business. Without compromising sensitive data of other business units, individual owners and purchasers of applications need real-time visibility into their organization’s SaaS stack while allowing IT and Procurement to maintain oversight.

The Views feature in the Zylo platform gives enterprises the ability to manage software in the same way they purchase it. IT and Procurement continue to have control, oversight, and in-depth visibility into the entire organization’s SaaS landscape. Now, Zylo gives business owners visibility into their own stack– without compromising security. With the addition of Views, Zylo is the SaaS Management and system of record for the entire organization.

Introducing Views: Zylo for the Business Unit

Views enables management of SaaS subscriptions across the organization by utilizing account controls to dictate what individual users see in Zylo. The Views feature increases visibility and empowers the business while maintaining the high level of security that Zylo promises.

Increase Visibility: Provide a business unit or an individual user with limited access to manage their relevant SaaS subscriptions.

Empower the Business: Provide employees with real-time access to SaaS application spend and consumption for informed decision making. Hold the business accountable by eliminating surprises and hidden application spend.

Maintain Security: Dictate what individual users are able to view and maintain confidentiality of sensitive data by using account controls. Preserve data integrity by controlling the single source of truth from one Zylo account.

Build Relationships with Business Leaders

Communication and collaboration among business units continue to be primary goals for companies. In the age of SaaS, almost three-quarters of respondents (71%) said IT and LOB engage more frequently in collaborative projects” (2018 State of the CIO survey). By adding Views to the Zylo platform, every business unit and leader can be armed with the appropriate information to increase visibility and level the playing field across the business.

Enabling real-time visibility into the SaaS stack allows meetings between LOBs, IT, and Procurement to become informed discussions, focused on strategy. Armed with the same real-time information as IT and Procurement, LOBs enter meetings without a worry of being blindsided by unexpected information. IT and Procurement teams are then seen as team players and strategists rather than the technology police.

Increase Visibility without Compromising Security

With the increase in SaaS adoption and computer hacking, security is a growing concern. The first step to secure the enterprise is through the elimination of ignorance and insecurity of enterprise tech and employees. Companies need to proactively educate employees on SaaS best practices by launching security-specific corporate learning strategy.

Even within a business, controls are put in place to secure financial data between different business units and employees in order to maintain confidentiality. With increased security often comes reduced visibility, leading to blind spots in SaaS applications, renewals, utilization, and spend.

In the past, IT hesitated to grant a business unit access to SaaS application data due to the fear of leaking other sensitive and confidential data. With the introduction of Views, Zylo ensures security and visibility with business leaders. By providing flexibility and specific account controls, IT leaders are able to ensure that the data is not only secure, but accurate.

To learn more about how to utilize the Views feature within Zylo, customers should contact their enterprise concierge. To learn more about the platform that’s revolutionizing the way software is managed, request a demo today.



Ben Pippenger

As Chief Strategy Officer, Ben is responsible for shaping and driving Zylo’s corporate strategy by monitoring and analyzing key market trends. As Zylo co-founder, he is passionate about the power of SaaS and helping organizations understand how they can manage, measure and maximize their investments for greater business impact. Ben is a self-proclaimed SaaS geek, with more than 20 years of B2B software experience, and a recognized SaaS and software management thought leader. Before founding Zylo, Ben held leadership roles in product and account management at Salesforce and ExactTarget.