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Momentum is Building Around the Multi-Cloud Trend

When I read Glenn Solomon’s article, Why Multi-Cloud is the Next Big Thing in Technology, I found myself agreeing with the thesis outlined and excited about the momentum building around the multi-cloud trend.

We’re in the same jet-stream of thinking at Zylo. We help customers understand cloud spend across all of their providers–from the big cloud hosting providers down to the long-tail point solution spend, and the complexity presents a real opportunity to simplify everything.

I’d encourage you to read the article, weigh in with your opinion and follow Glenn’s blog, Going Long.

Some of my favorite highlights are pulled out here:

Even in traditional industries, a company’s competitiveness increasingly depends on the quality of its software.

Every company is a software company that needs the cloud: Why has cloud become so indispensable to so many companies? Because pretty much every company has become a software company, and they all need to deliver their software faster and to more people than ever before.

Avoiding lock-in and saving cost: Many CIOs and CFOs have been burned before by vendor lock-in, and are now motivated to move their organizations to multi-cloud to keep pricing honest and protect themselves from over-reliance on AWS.