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5 Reasons IT and Finance Leaders Should Attend SaaSMe 2023

reasons to attend SaaSMe


There’s no denying that SaaS has become an integral part of every company’s operations. It’s how we get work done. In fact, SaaS has grown so much that it’s the second-largest operating expense for most organizations.

However, most SaaS portfolios are rife with waste.

In the current economic environment, we’re being challenged to make a greater business impact with fewer resources. And IT, Finance and Procurement leaders are optimally positioned to help their organizations unlock value that drives transformation. 

That’s why we created SaaSMe, the industry’s only dedicated SaaS Management event. We’re gearing up for the 2023 event on May 16-17. Will you join us?

About SaaSMe 2023

SaaSMe 2023 will explore how modern IT, SAM, Finance, and Procurement teams are optimally positioned during the current economic environment to help their companies drive responsible business growth and accomplish more with less while reducing waste, fueling efficiency, and saving money. 

After the massive success of last year’s inaugural conference, SaaSMe is expanding into a two-day virtual experience. 

  • DAY ONE: All are invited to come together with leading IT, SAM, Finance and Procurement professionals to hear how the world’s most innovative companies are driving responsible business growth through SaaS Management.
  • DAY TWO: Exclusive sessions for Zylo customers. This hands-on learning experience will feature interactive sessions to help you get even more value from Zylo’s enterprise platform and services.

Here are five reasons why you should attend SaaSMe 2022.

Reasons to Attend SaaSMe 2022

Reason #1: Designed for YOU

The only event for modern IT, SAM, Finance, and Procurement leaders dedicated to the program development and scale of SaaS Management and Optimization – helping you address timely and critical business challenges.

Reason #2: Do More With Less

With the current economic climate, everyone is being asked to do more with less. You will bring back key strategies to make this a reality at your organization.

Reason #3: Proven Strategies to Tackle SaaS

SaaSMe will arm you with proven strategies and techniques for driving your company’s strategic SaaS Management initiatives – from containing sprawl to saving money and everything in between.

Reason #4: Learn from the Best

Get a front row seat to learn from IT and Finance leaders at the world’s most innovative brands, as well as Zylo’s SaaS optimization and negotiation experts. Hear from brands like Clari, FIS Global, Intuit, Nintex, and more!

Reason #5: It’s Free

We know budgets for travel and conferences are tight, so we’ve made this event virtual and free for all attendees to reduce the cost to your business.  

Secure Your Seat at SaaSMe 2023

We’ve planned two days of incredible speakers and actionable content to help you scale your SaaS Management program, drive down costs, and fuel smarter business growth at your organization. Secure your seat and invite your colleagues to join in the fun!

And, while you’re not-so-patiently waiting for the big day, check out last year’s sessions here for a taste of what the 2022 content will be like.