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Shining a Light on Shadow IT with Zylo’s Workday Financial Integration

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Today, we’re excited to unveil Zylo’s partnership with Workday and our native ERP integration with Workday Financial Management. 

As a Workday Emerging Partner, we now offer our customer base another source for financial discovery, bringing clear visibility into their SaaS portfolio and enhancing the power of our Discovery Engine. By integrating Zylo’s AI-powered Discovery Engine with Workday Financial, organizations can accurately identify SaaS applications and bring their Shadow IT out of the dark. With this integration, Zylo is the only SaaS Management platform and Workday Emerging Partner using Workday Financial Management data for SaaS discovery.

Zylo’s Discovery Engine powers the most comprehensive discovery, continual monitoring, and full optimization of SaaS applications. The engine ingests and analyzes financial transaction data using a suite of patent-pending matching algorithms. By comparing and categorizing all financial transactions from Workday Financial Management against its library of more than 16,200 managed applications and related transaction information, Zylo identifies all SaaS applications within an organization’s SaaS portfolio.

Organizations using Workday Financial Management can now:

  • Gain visibility into software that is being purchased across the enterprise – even those applications not managed by IT.
  • See all SaaS applications alongside usage, spend, and contract details with frictionless, ongoing monitoring.
  • Surface and classify SaaS license purchases – whether IT-managed, line-of-business owned, or Shadow IT. Our Discovery Engine finds all your applications, even if they’ve been miscoded or improperly categorized in Workday.
  • Automatically sync Zylo with Workday Financial Management for a secure and reliable data exchange.

Learn how you can optimize ongoing discovery by directly connecting Workday Financial Management to Zylo and schedule a demo today.