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Key Takeaways from the 2018 Gartner ITSV Summit

The 2018 Gartner Summit was a huge success: our team returned to Indy with valuable contacts, insights, and renewed enthusiasm for our quickly evolving industry.

This year, the team had countless conversations about SaaS challenges and opportunities with experienced industry leaders. Now more than ever, SaaS management is top-of-mind and a quickly growing priority.

Just under a week since the show, our team has consolidated our four key takeaways from the 2018 Gartner ITSV Summit.

1. SaaS is, and will be, the largest category within ITAM.

While IaaS is a highly-discussed, quickly-growing cloud-based software solution, SaaS continues to dominate the category in terms of spend and certainly in terms of application diversity.

2. SaaS-related conversations have matured in a big way.

Not only is SaaS dominating cloud services, but conversations surrounding SaaS management have also become more informed and complex. At Zylo’s booth this year, the team was able to have more insightful, valuable conversations than ever before: enterprises are ready to professionally manage this growing category.

3. SaaS sessions and SaaS sponsors abound!

Conversations around SaaS management were not just had at our booth but all over the conference. This year, numerous SaaS-centric sessions were offered and well-attended. Furthermore, we saw more SaaS sponsors than ever before. Undeniably, businesses are now entering the Golden Age of SaaS: we feel honored to be the leading SaaS management solution.

4. Topgolf is the best event at any conference.

Zylo Jenga (Zylenga?) at our booth was a close second, but nothing compares to the good times at Topgolf. Thank you to the enterprise leaders who came out, talked shop, and hit some golf balls.