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Zylo Wins 2022 SAP Concur Innovation Partner Award


We’re honored to share that the team at SAP Concur has recognized Zylo with a 2022 Partner Innovation Award.

This honor is so special because it highlights one of our greatest innovations and one of the true differentiators of our platform – our Discovery Engine. Only Zylo’s Discovery Engine powers 100% discovery of your SaaS applications and spend for full visibility and greater control.  

For businesses everywhere, SaaS has made amazing things possible. According to our 2022 SaaS Management Index, the average organization uses more than 300 SaaS applications to make their business run. But, many of those applications have been acquired through employee credit card purchases or personal expense reimbursement – which creates a lack of visibility, uncontrolled spend and increased risk. 

As the only SAP Concur App Center Partner focused on SaaS optimization, Zylo gives joint customers unprecedented visibility into their SaaS ecosystem, including those purchases made through expense channels. 

Let’s make this real. Using the Zylo SAP Concur integration, one of our joint customers recently discovered that a single employee had expensed more than $160,000 in multiple SaaS applications. With the help of Zylo, they are now working on an approach to continuously monitor expense purchases and create a new system for transparency within the organization. 

As the market creator and industry leader, we’re honored to partner with other leaders in the space like SAP Concur. Through our partnership, SAP Concur customers can do more with their spend data as Zylo enables them to implement an automated, AI-powered system to discover and monitor software purchases. 

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