2018 State of Software Management in the Cloud

The State of Software Management: Benchmarking Data Powered by Zylo

The subscription economy is impacting our personal and professional worlds in profound ways. From beauty products and clothes, to food, music, and razors, consumers are subscribing to many services that impact their personal lives. In the professional world, subscriptions also abound. According to our customer data, enterprises have an average of two software subscription renewals every business day.

Experts have no doubt that most enterprises are moving toward a cloud-first mentality. Gartner states that over 50% of all enterprise-level software adoptions are SaaS applications or other cloud-based solutions. Midmarket and small enterprises are even further ahead, adopting cloud-first or cloud-only software.

The explosion of cloud and SaaS services creates a number of benefits as well as challenges. At Zylo, we have the opportunity to work with some of the largest, and fastest growing, technology companies in the world. Our customers also include large traditional enterprises, from financial services to pharmaceuticals.

Regardless of industry, the challenges and opportunities facing our customers are largely the same:

  • Foundational Challenges

    • Lack of visibility for all technology purchases
    • Increased security risk
    • Redundant functionality across applications
    • Reactive SaaS renewals
    • Increased operational burden
  • Strategic Opportunities

    • Creating a centralized cloud governance strategy
    • Forecasting technology budgets
    • Assessing technology assets in M&A strategies
    • Managing real-time license optimization
    • Creating an enterprise-wide cloud strategy

Long-established are Software Asset Management solutions for on-prem software. As cloud subscriptions soon account for 60% of total software, services, and technology spending, now is the time to invest in SaaS for SaaS.

In a time when many organizations are still determining where SaaS fits into their overall IT strategy, Zylo equips leading enterprises with the insights necessary to drive their technology strategy into the future.

With Zylo, enterprises can forecast SaaS investments, prepare for growth, mitigate risk, and contain costs. Zylo’s software management platform includes data surrounding total applications, spend, category, and utilization: the modern enterprise can now professionally manage SaaS subscriptions from one system of record.

We are excited to share this industry-defining benchmark report with the most innovative enterprises.