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With Zylo and Okta, maximize the value of SaaS with visibility into every app, intelligently manage every license, and enable employees to find the right software.

Zylo’s approved direct integration into Okta creates a system of record for cloud-based software, giving an organization complete visibility into its SaaS application usage.

When integrated, Okta and Zylo enable organizations to:

Key Benefits

Establish a single view of all software usage

Match SaaS application spend against utilization on an enterprise-wide level. Discover all SaaS applications being used across your organization.

Maximize the value of licenses

Track software usage to proactively manage SaaS application licenses regularly throughout the year. Easily identify underutilized licenses to redeploy.

Analyze Okta group utilization

Leverage insights from each group’s individual usage to determine optimization opportunities, including low app utilization within a group or high app utilization outside of a group.

Extend security across the network

Minimize risk by using Zylo to identify SaaS applications that are not protected by Okta’s SSO and MFA security. Deploy Okta and Zylo across the network for consistent, seamless coverage.

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