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Zylo’s in-depth integration simplifies Salesforce license management by making all user license information and utilization data visible in real-time.

Utilizing Zylo’s Salesforce integration enables direct license pullback capabilities, as well as reporting on user licenses (including permission and feature sets) and monitoring activity with custom thresholds.

Our advanced Salesforce License Management Workflow enables Zylo admins to identify and deprovision inactive or underutilized Salesforce licenses. Then admins can harvest the licenses to increase value, whether through cost savings or increasing app security.

Zylo approaches license management from a per-user basis, showing connections between individual users, their license type, and utilization data across the entire deployment.

With this integration, Zylo admins can see which users have access to Salesforce, what license types they possess including features and permissions, and each user’s utilization.