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Gain Complete License Visibility, Rightsize User Licenses, and Increase Renewal Leverage with Zylo

Zylo’s deep integration into Salesforce simplifies license management by making all license information and utilization data visible in one centralized platform.

With Zylo’s Salesforce integration, our customers are able to report on the license position of User Licenses, Feature Licenses, Permission Set Licenses, and Package Licenses. Using a collection of integration points, the integration powers visibility into individual users’ actions and pages they are viewing within Salesforce.

Using this information, Zylo provides recommendations on optimization opportunities to downgrade users that aren’t using the full capabilities of their license or deprovision licenses that are going unused.

Zylo’s advanced License Optimization Workflow allows for admins to create a custom branded experience that engages with employees to request the return of underused licenses. Employee responses are then centrally managed in Zylo where actions can be quickly taken to optimize and save on Salesforce licensing.

With this integration, Zylo admins can see which users have access to Salesforce, the complete picture of all licenses assignment, and each user’s utilization of that license down to individual page views and user events.

Zylo for Salesforce Use Cases

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