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Zylo Expands Capabilities to Meet the Demand for Advanced Enterprise SaaS Management


As Annual Subscription Software Spend Grows to $10,000 per Employee, New Features Enable Distributed Management

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zylo, the leading SaaS management platform, announced the introduction of functionality designed to enhance Software-as-a-Service Management for enterprise organizations.

Annually, enterprises spend more than $10,000 per employee on SaaS subscriptions. Learn how Zylo meets the growing demand for enterprise SaaS Management technology.

“Your people and your software can be two of the biggest factors to creating great customer experiences,” says Zylo CEO and co-founder Eric Christopher. “The SaaS tools you invest in and how you choose to maximize their value for your employees both directly impact your competitiveness.”

“CIOs and IT leaders want to ensure their companies have the absolute best technology management to drive success. The enterprise features we launch today help create a proactive management strategy that matches the scale and maturity needed to achieve these results in large firms.”

Today’s launch includes several new features in the Zylo platform that are designed to enable technology managers to intentionally delegate and socialize the management of SaaS applications across the business. These include the ability to:

Create and maintain separate SaaS inventories for distinct business units with simple account switching while continuing to monitor all SaaS applications throughout the business.

Socialize SaaS visibility to teams and users across the business by creating views that display team-or user-specific subsets of software applications, including the ability to reveal data such as cost, renewal date, license information, and utilization.

Empower a distributed SaaS management strategy for SaaS applications by giving teams and users role-based permissions to directly manage their owned applications.

Preserve data compliance and confidentiality by combining views and permissions to restrict access to sensitive data such as payment information to only teams and users who require it.

Automatically discover and assign new SaaS applications in real time through predetermined logic and automation rules, reducing the need to assign every new application entering the environment.

Drive an actionable SaaS management practice with platform workflows to consolidate visibility, secure the enterprise, save time, and maximize investments.

The new capabilities extend Zylo’s ability to address the full spectrum of enterprise SaaS management challenges, including the principal need to discover and contain shadow IT as well the goal to develop mature processes that promote governance with reduced burden.

To learn more about the new enterprise capabilities for Zylo’s SaaS management platform or to schedule a demo, contact or visit the Zylo booth at Slack Frontiers 2019.

About Zylo

The largest independent enterprise SaaS management platform, Zylo transforms how businesses manage their SaaS application portfolios. By creating transparency around SaaS spend, license utilization, and user feedback, Zylo provides a centralized system of record that empowers business leaders to discover, manage, measure, and govern their SaaS investment. In 2018, Zylo was named a Gartner Cool Vendor and a Rising Star in the Forbes Cloud 100 list.