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Zylo Debuts “SaaSMe Unfiltered: The SaaS Management Podcast” To Help Organizations Maximize SaaS Investments


Learn how professionals from Genesys, Redis, Tenable, Atlassian, and more are conquering SaaS through the power of SaaS management and optimization. 

INDIANAPOLIS – May 10, 2022 – Zylo, the world’s leading SaaS management and optimization platform that enables companies to organize, optimize, and orchestrate SaaS, today announced the launch of “SaaSMe Unfiltered: The SaaS Management Podcast.” Available today on all major podcast platforms, the podcast furthers Zylo’s position as the leader in SaaS management and optimization, providing another platform to share the stories and expertise of practitioners, evangelize best practices and educate the growing industry. 

Hosted by Chief Customer Officer and co-founder Cory Wheeler and Manager of Customer Success Ashley Hickman, the podcast features real-life uncensored conversations with the SaaS management professionals who are effectively conquering SaaS in their organizations. The first two episodes feature Brad Pollard, former CIO at Tenable, and Samantha Griffin, Sourcing Manager at Genesys, as they share how SaaS is impacting their organizations and how they’ve reduced both costs and risks through a disciplined SaaS management program. 

The rise of SaaS has fundamentally changed the way enterprise software is purchased and managed – creating hidden costs, unvetted security risks, and ample opportunity for optimization. As the category creator and recognized market leader, Zylo is committed to setting the standard for SaaS management, sharing its expertise, and educating the industry at large on how to maximize an organization’s investment in its SaaS tools.

“As we witnessed at our inaugural SaaSMe conference last year, there is a rapidly growing, vibrant community of SaaS management professionals hungry to learn from their peers,” said Cory Wheeler, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Zylo. “With ‘SaaSMe Unfiltered,’ we’re able to nourish this community and shine a light on the professionals who are truly mastering this emerging discipline.”

“’SaaSMe Unfiltered’ is both unique and important. I found the perspective invaluable as it reinforced the role of SaaS in the broader context of an enterprise’s digital transformation,” said Jim Hussey, founder of The Institute for the Advancement of SaaS Governance & Optimization Best Practices. “While the concept of managing software has been around for decades, SaaS has fundamentally changed the way it is done. ‘SaaSMe Unfiltered’ provides an inside view into how professionals are tackling this challenge and offers the guidance every SaaS manager needs to make a positive impact on their organization.”

Upcoming episodes will feature conversations from SaaS Management practitioners at Redis, Atlassian and more. 

To learn more about SaaSMe Unfiltered, visit or subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify


About Zylo

As the world leader in SaaS Management and Optimization, Zylo enables companies to organize, optimize, and orchestrate SaaS. Organizations large and small trust Zylo’s enterprise-proven technology and unparalleled SaaS Management expertise to optimize more than 30 million SaaS licenses and $21 billion in SaaS spend. Zylo’s patent-pending, AI-powered Discovery Engine provides continual, frictionless monitoring of SaaS spend, licenses, and usage to create the industry’s most trusted SaaS system of record. Fueled by more data than any other provider, Zylo delivers actionable insights that allow you to take action quickly to optimize growing SaaS portfolios.