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Zylo Releases API to Enhance and Extend the Power of SaaS Subscription Data


The Zylo API will enable seamless integration of SaaS license and usage data into business process and reporting

INDIANAPOLIS, May 26, 2021 – Zylo, the leading enterprise SaaS management platform, today announced the launch of its API. For enterprises around the world, Zylo acts as the single source of truth for SaaS subscription and application usage data, curating and normalizing that data into its SaaS Management platform. Now with the Zylo API, organizations can add data about even more applications into the platform and export that data into other business systems.

Organizations can now enrich business processes and reporting by bringing application usage and license data from Zylo into other solutions like Business Intelligence (BI) and Software Asset Management (SAM) tools. Additionally, they can optimize license usage across even more SaaS applications by importing user, license, and activity data from non-integrated applications.

The Zylo API enables organizations to: 

  • Bring usage data into BI tools for financial reporting and analysis, such as determining total cost of ownership or predicting future spend based on usage or headcount trends
  • Streamline chargeback processes
  • Export Zylo data into SAM platforms for a complete picture of their software usage, both on-premise and SaaS, in a single screen
  • Leverage Zylo data to kick off workflows in systems outside the Zylo platform that automate actions like deprovisioning, offboarding, and reclamation
  • Consolidate usage optimization for virtually any third-party SaaS applications on a single platform
  • Add non-integrated applications to the Zylo platform for optimization and management

“This API is a powerful tool for organizations looking to complete their system of record for software by importing license and usage data from nearly any third-party application,” said Ian Runyon, vice president of product at Zylo. “We’re also making that data even more powerful by allowing it to be used in the systems and contexts where decisions are being made.”

This new capability follows the launch of License Optimization Insights and License Optimization Workflows, showcasing the company’s dedication to providing their customers with the tools they need to thrive in the current SaaS boom.

“License Optimization Insights, License Optimization Workflows and now the Zylo API are just the start of what will be an exciting year of innovation for Zylo,” continued Runyon. “We’re dedicated to continuously enhancing the Zylo platform and delivering even more solutions to enable our customers to drive better business outcomes through the management of SaaS.”

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About Zylo

Zylo’s mission is to empower companies to embrace the rapid growth of SaaS by controlling costs and risks while improving employee effectiveness. By providing visibility into SaaS spend and usage, Zylo delivers a comprehensive SaaS system of record, empowering business leaders to discover, optimize and govern their SaaS investments. As the leader in SaaS management solutions, Zylo is trusted by enterprises worldwide to provide employees easy access to secure and compliant applications, while reducing operational burden. For more information, visit  

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