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Zylo Unveils SaaSMe, the First-Ever SaaS Management Event

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SaaSMe is the industry’s first conference dedicated to SaaS Management, developed to inform and inspire IT, procurement and finance professionals

INDIANAPOLIS, September 15, 2021 Zylo, the leading SaaS Management platform, today announced the launch of SaaSMe, the industry’s first-ever conference dedicated fully to SaaS Management. Taking place virtually on Wednesday Oct. 13, SaaSMe was created for CIOs, IT, procurement and finance professionals to ignite transformation and develop a mature SaaS Management discipline.

The SaaS industry is growing at a rapid pace, projected to reach $122B this year according to Gartner. With SaaS rapidly becoming the foundation of the hybrid workplace and the cornerstone of employee effectiveness, SaaSMe offers software managers and IT professionals the opportunity to stay ahead of SaaS trends and learn how to leverage this growing segment of software to drive real transformation. During the event, attendees will hear SaaS Management success stories, network with peers and learn how to discover, optimize and govern SaaS throughout their organization.

The SaaSMe agenda features a robust lineup of speakers including:

  • Byron Deeter, cloud luminary and partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, who will share the latest insights into the power of the Cloud and the growth of SaaS.
  • Adobe’s Ash Rai, Director, Office of the CIO, and Lupe Banuelos, Senior Program Manager, Vendor and Software Asset Management, who will share how they built a mature, state-of-the-art SaaS Management system of record, tying SAM and SaaS into a single dashboard for optimization, rationalization, and tracking.
  • Zylo executives Eric Christopher, co-founder and CEO and Ian Runyon, VP of Product, who will unveil the findings from the 2021 SaaS Management Index and lay out Zylo’s vision for the future of SaaS Management.

Attendees will also hear from SaaS Management professionals and IT leaders in sessions such as: 

  • Defining Your Career With SaaS Management: With SaaS growth skyrocketing, SaaS Management has emerged as one of the hottest career paths in enterprise technology. Hear from panelists such as Leah Tubb, Program Manager for Atlassian’s IT Strategy and Business Operations team, Renée Turco, Technology Asset Manager at AbbVie and Samantha Emrick, Software Asset Manager at Genesys as they share their journey thus far and how SaaS Management has helped advance their careers.
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized: How to Approach SaaS Governance: When it comes to SaaS governance, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Hear from leaders at organizations like Redis, Talkdesk and Slack to understand how these different approaches to governance work and which may work for your organization.

  • CIO Roundtable: The Future of the Workplace: Whether your organization is fully remote, still in the office or hybrid, SaaS tools are playing an increasingly important role in keeping companies connected and productive. Hear from a panel of CIOs – including Harry Mosley of Zoom, Ken Cushman of Yahoo, Deepika Rayala of Yext and former Okta CIO Mark Settle –  on how SaaS will continue to impact the workplace and the increasingly important and strategic role CIOs play in enabling this future.

To view the full agenda and register for SaaSMe, please visit: